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MyFitnessPal from Under Armour suffers data breach affecting 150 million users

According to American sportswear giant Under Armour, user data from its health app MyFitnessPal has been compromised. Data including the usernames, email addresses, and scrambled passwords from approximately 150 million accounts was stolen last month in one of the biggest attacks of its kind.

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Under Armour Sport Wireless Heart Rate review: A great step in the right direction

I have a love-hate relationship with Bluetooth, especially headsets. As a regular gym-goer, I like the convenience that they offer, which by-and-large outpaces wired earbuds. However, most are not as reliable, lose connection, and don't have the best sound quality. Despite all of this, I see more Bluetooth sound devices these days than wired ones. The neckband style especially (think Powerbeats) is gaining in popularity — they're all over the gyms, hiking/mountain biking trails, and sidewalks.

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HTC: We are not building an Android Wear watch (at least, not anymore)

A quote from a high-level HTC executive is circulating this morning categorically denying that the company is building an Android Wear smartwatch, despite a leak of what very much looks like an HTC / Under Armour Android Wear smartwatch last week. So, what do we believe? Well, after reaching out to HTC, they confirmed to us that the quote - "we're not going to have an Android watch" - is accurate. I would take that as the end of discussion on the matter: No HTC Android Wear smartwatch is happening.

Further, speaking to an unnamed source, we've learned that the Under Armour watch pictured above is actually a very old prototype, not something the company is currently working on, and probably hasn't worked on in a long time.

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HTC's first Android Wear watch 'Halfbeak' leaked

HTC is perhaps the largest Android manufacturer that has yet to enter the smartwatch business. LG, ASUS, Samsung, Huawei, Motorola, Sony, and others have all released at least one watch. Now the long-rumored HTC watch has finally been leaked, under the codename 'Halfbeak.'

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HTC And Under Armour Return With The HealthBox—A Scale, Activity Tracker, And Heart Rate Monitor That Cost $400 Altogether

At last year's Mobile World Congress, HTC and Under Armour announced the Grip, a fitness tracker that would never appear on store shelves. HTC scrapped the product to work on something better—its words, not ours. At this year's CES, HTC and Under Armour are back to show us what better means.

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MyFitnessPal And Endomondo Are Both Now Owned By Under Armour

Under Armour is a well-known fitness brand, but despite its ubiquity on wristbands and sweat-wicking clothes, it isn't the first name that comes to mind in the digital realm. How does a company go about changing this? Buy the brands that are. So here we are, Under Armour announced today that is has purchased MyFitnessPal and Endomondo.

Both of these services are geared towards getting you in shape. MyFitnessPal helps you keep track of your calorie intake and has been installed from the Play Store over 10,000,000 times. Endomondo is a digital personal trainer that tracks distance, time, speed, etc.

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HTC And Under Armour Team Up For 'Record' Connected Fitness App And Future Products

Quick, imagine the typical Under Armour customer. Go ahead, I'll wait. Now imagine which phone he or she brings with them to the gym. Are you imagining an HTC One M8? No? Well both companies would probably like you to, at least after their joint announcement at CES. HTC has joined up with the well-known clothing brand for a cross-promotional program centered on Under Armour Connected Fitness, a health tracking service that's comparable to Nike Plus and other competitors.

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The first step is Under Armour Recourd Record, an iOS app that's been ported over to Android and is now available on the Google Play Store.

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