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T-Mobile's Latest Uncarrier Promotion Is 'Mobile without Borders' - T-Mo Phones Now Work The Same In Canada And Mexico At No Extra Charge

John Legere, the mobile CEO who can't get Deutsche Telekom to love T-Mobile no matter how many new customers they sign up, is back with another jab at his competitors. T-Mobile already features some pretty extraordinary free international roaming extras, but now it's going whole hog on the two countries that Americans visit the most: Canada and Mexico. Starting next week if you cross the border to the north or south, your T-Mobile phone will work the same as it does in the States.

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T-Mobile Introduces JUMP! On Demand Leasing Plan With Three Upgrades A Year In Its First Un-carrier Amped Announcement

Today T-Mobile has announced Un-carrier Amped, which is basically this: you take an existing Un-carrier announcement, and you amp it up. Simple.

Un-carrier 2.0 will be the first to receive such amptituding. For those that don't remember, T-Mobile's second carrier-busting announcement introduced its JUMP!

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T-Mobile Uncarrier 9.0: New Simplified Business Line Pricing, Consumer Promos Are Permanent, And More

T-Mobile had its Uncarrier 9 event earlier today, and it didn't have anything to do with HTC's announcement. They just happened to be on the same day. John Legere took to the stage as usual with a bombastic attitude and sly smirk to deliver the news. The announcements mostly revolve around business accounts, but there are a few juicy bits for consumers too.

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HTC Teases A Big One M9 Announcement In The US This Wednesday, Possibly T-Mobile-Related

The HTC One M9 is probably the less exciting of the two flagship announcements we got at MWC, but HTC's US president Jason Mackenzie says you're going to love what they announce on Wednesday March 18th. That's the same day T-Mobile plans to have an event in New York with the slogan "This one's a real piece of work." Related? Maybe.

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T-Mobile Will Expand Data Stash To Prepaid Customers On March 22nd

T-Mobile's Uncarrier 8.0 announcement was centered around letting you keep your unused data for a bit longer. Data Stash is already available on all Simple Choice post-paid plans, but now it's coming to prepaid too. Starting on March 22nd, people on a prepaid Simple Choice plan from T-Mobile will have Data Stash.

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T-Mobile Intros 'SCORE!', A New Way For Users To Save Dollar-Dollar Bills On A New Phone

T-Mobile likes to do stuff to make other carriers look bad, then John Legere likes to talk about how it makes the other carriers look bad. I like this. In fact, if T-Mobile's coverage wasn't so awful, I might even switch. Today, the company launched another thing to make other carriers look bad, called "SCORE!" This new program aims to help users save money on new phones, because everyone hates to pay full price.

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T-Mobile Un-Carrier 8.0 Adds Data Rollover For All Simple Choice Plans, Starts With 10GB Of Bonus Data

T-Mobile's latest ploy to steal customers away from the other national carriers is a big one. Starting in January, the carrier will no longer "confiscate" your unused data at the end of each billing cycle. Instead, that data will rollover and be kept in your "Data Stash" for one year. Sure, they'll confiscate it at that point, but that's a lot of extra data. Plus, you get 10GB of bonus data to start.

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T-Mobile Announces Uncarrier 5 And 6 With T-Mobile Test Drive, Music Streaming From Select Services Without Impact On Your Data Allotment

T-Mobile has just announced their plans for Uncarrier part 5. The first big move of the T-mo's latest effort to shake up the wireless industry is the announcement of Test-Drive, a service through which users can get an iPhone 5S for seven days to take T-Mobile's "data strong" network for, well, a test drive. There's no down-payment, no charge, no nothing. Just get the device, try out the network, and return it at a store when you're done.

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Un-carrier Day 3 Of 3: T-Mobile Does Away With Overage Charges, Starts Petition For Others To Do The Same

T-Mobile introduced a whirlwind of changes last year as it rebranded itself as the "Un-carrier," with perhaps its most substantial shift being the decision to forgo annual contracts, breaking away from a long-standing practice among carriers in the US. Now the company is doing away with another perpetual mobile pain in the rear by eradicating its domestic overage charges. This applies regardless of whether you're on a Simple Choice plan, the new Simple Starter, or an older plan - and it will take place starting in May, with those bills arriving in June.

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T-Mobile Unveils 'Simple Starter' Plan With Unlimited Talk/Text And 500MB Of Data For $40 As Day 1 Of 3 New Un-carrier Announcements

T-Mobile has just unveiled a new introductory plan that lets customers get a phone without a contract for a lowly $40 a month with unlimited talk/text and 500MB of 4G LTE data - and the carrier's quick to emphasize that this plans comes with no data overage charges for those who run over. The plan is $10 cheaper than the lowest priced "Simple Choice" plan, which charges $50 for 1GB of data instead, and it will become available a few days from now on April 12th.

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