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T-Mobile 5G goes live December 6, free service promised for low-income families and first responders

Shortly after the FCC officially announced its approval of the merger between Sprint and T-Mobile, the so-called New T-Mobile is wasting no time firing up the marketing machine. The goal? To convince consumers that less quantifiable competition in the cellular marketplace benefits said consumers. It has announced a set of Un-carrier action plans that will come into place shortly, including the launch of its 5G network.

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T-Mobile expands Test Drive up to 30 days with hotspots instead of iPhones

In the market for a new wireless service provider? It just so happens that T-Mobile remains the only carrier in the United States to offer a try-before-you-buy "Test Drive" to see if the network is right for you. Now, it's changing its own game up with a revamp to the program, expanding its loaner length and switching out iPhones for hotspots.

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T-Mobile announced new Tuesday freebies from Lyft and Taco Bell during the Super Bowl

We've not covered T-Mobile Tuesdays for quite some time, but the Un-carrier has just unveiled a couple of new offers we thought you might be interested in. Using the marketing power of the Super Bowl, TV spots highlighted new partnerships with Lyft and Taco Bell.

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T-Mobile wants to 'Un-carrier' television with its own service

T-Mobile has announced today that it's going to "Un-carrier" your TV with its own new service in 2018, and the company just took its first step by buying Layer3 TV, an online television provider. The motivation behind the move? John Legere—T-Mobile's exuberant CEO—says that, since T-Mobile is already disrupting the 2nd most hated industry in America, it may as well set its sights on the first: cable and satellite TV. That's... actually something we can get behind. 

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T-Mobile's next 'Un-carrier' announcement will come on January 5th at CES

In John Legere's continuing effort to will himself into the role of mobile rock'n'roll Jesus, the T-Mobile CEO has released a teaser trailer for the carrier's next Un-Carrier event. Exactly what will happen at the event isn't being disclosed - in fact, the whole point of the video is "wouldn't you like to know?" We did find out that the announcement will come on January 5th in Las Vegas, not-so-coincidentally at the same time and place that next year's CES will be going down.

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T-Mobile Gets Called Out By Large Labor Union Federation For Deceiving Customers, Abusive Debt Collection Practices, Failing To Pay ETFs, And More

In the tech press, it's easy for us to regurgitate the advertising material that all of the major carriers and companies want potential customers to hear. It's more challenging to hear the voices of the people who find themselves taken advantage of by corporate practices. This work generally falls to unions and advocacy groups that do the research and speak out on their behalf.

Change to Win, a federation of unions that claims to represent over 5.5 million workers, has recently issued a 27-page report called Unmasking the Un-Carrier along with a general summary that takes aim at T-Mobile.

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T-Mobile Introduces JUMP! On Demand Leasing Plan With Three Upgrades A Year In Its First Un-carrier Amped Announcement

Today T-Mobile has announced Un-carrier Amped, which is basically this: you take an existing Un-carrier announcement, and you amp it up. Simple.

Un-carrier 2.0 will be the first to receive such amptituding. For those that don't remember, T-Mobile's second carrier-busting announcement introduced its JUMP! plan, which let you upgrade your phone every six months for a $10 monthly fee.

Now T-Mobile is upping that payment to $15 or so a month as part of JUMP!

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Think Most Carriers Are Vultures? This T-Mobile Data Stash Ad Agrees

We in the US have a love-hate (but mostly hate) relationship with our cell phone providers. Even when they do manage to provide us with decent coverage, they tend to be real jerks about it, charging us high base prices along with added fees for anything they can get away with. And at the end of each month, they eat away whatever data is left unused, like vultures.


T-Mobile has released a Data Stash ad (no, not that one) that pounces on that last issue in particular. Following an Un-carrier announcement made at the end of 2014, the magenta carrier lets you build up your unused data over the course of a year, so that if you have a slow month in March, you can reap the benefits in April and May.

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As Promised, T-Mobile's Personal CellSpot Routers And Gogo In-Flight Texting Are Now Available

T-Mobile unveiled several Wi-Fi initiatives as part of Un-Carrier 7.0 that it hopes will help fill in the gaps where its network is weak and even extend coverage to places its towers have no chance of reaching. To make things better, one part of its plan doesn't ask T-Mobile customers for money, while the other is free with an asterisk. Both are publicly available starting today.

Screenshot 2014-09-17 at 12.02.57 PM


Let's get the latter one cleared up first. Part of this plan, known as Wi-Fi Unleashed, involves offering up $25 CellSpot (rebranded Asus RT-AC68U routers) that consumers can use with phones that support Wi-Fi calling. The price is fully refundable, and you can pick up the doodad from a local carrier store.

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T-Mobile's Un-Carrier 7.0 Announcements Are All About Using Wi-Fi To Improve Coverage - Even At 30,000 Feet

T-Mobile doesn't have the most expansive network, so while it's doing its part to rapidly roll out LTE to many of the country's largest markets, it's also coming up with other ways to fill in the gaps where its connection is weak. Today the company made a series of Un-Carrier 7.0 announcements that all concern using Wi-Fi to make calls or send texts, even from 30,000 feet (texting and voicemail only). They're calling their plan "Wi-Fi Unleashed."


For starters, the company is now enabling Wi-Fi calling and texting on nearly every smartphone it sells to Simple Choice customers (Nexus devices not included, since they don't come with carrier modifications).

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