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The UMi Super is a flagship device at a bargain price [Sponsored Article]

UMi has long been a leader in a competitive smartphone market, always offering quality and affordable phones. But the UMi Super is a cut above the rest, offering unmatched performance and hardware for your dollar.

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The UMi Super Euro Edition gives you the feature-packed phone in a stunning royal blue [Sponsored Post]

In commemoration of the recently-completed Euro Cup, UMi has released the Euro Edition of its popular smartphone, the UMi Super. The Euro Edition was requested by over 230,000 fans and the company has responded to show users how much UMi cares. It will only be available for a limited time, however, so you have to act fast if you want to get it.

While some people like a phone that looks a little more subtle, the UMi Super Euro Edition comes in a bold royal blue color. If you want a phone with a fresh new look, the UMi Super Euro Edition is right up your alley.

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The UMi Super is a stunning all-metal flagship killer that boasts big specs at a small price [Sponsored Post]

Some people prefer a phone to have impressive technical specifications to ensure the best performance. Others put a higher priority on a well-designed, beautiful device that feels substantial in their hand. With the UMi Super, however, you get the best of both worlds. Even better is that in addition to the handsome exterior and power underneath the hood, it all comes at a bargain price.

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