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Rumor: T-Mobile G2 Getting WiFi Calling OTA Tomorrow

It's always been interesting to me that although the $29.99 Optimus T ships with tethering capabilities, the G2 has no such feature. Of course, it's been rumored several times before that the feature is on its way, but as of today, G2 users are still in the dark.


That may all be changing soon though, as a recent leaked screenshot from TmoNews indicates that an OTA update that will begin rolling out tomorrow and finish its trip on November 8 will not only grant you tethering, but will also bring about WiFi calling.

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[Breaking] T-Mobile G2 OTA Update Shows Up, Brings Native Tethering And WiFi Calling

I was about to go to sleep, but, of course, when I heard of a possible G2 OTA report, and one that brings such important new features as WiFi calling, otherwise known as UMA, and native tethering, I had to stay up just a bit longer.

Update: T-Mobile's implementation is not exactly UMA - it doesn't transfer your calls between WiFi and T-Mo towers.

Thanks, people in comments!

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T-Mobile Announces WiFi Calling For Android: Available On The New myTouch, Motorola Defy


We've known it was coming for some time now, but T-Mobile just sent out a press release including details regarding their plans for a WiFi Calling application for their Android phones. The new T-Mobile myTouch will launch later this year with the feature, and the Motorola Defy will be receiving it as well. Additionally, the T-Mobile G2 should be getting it in the coming months, along with the LG Optimus and possibly the Motorola Charm.

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Leaked T-Mobile Slides Show Wi-Fi Calling On G2, More Phones In The Pipeline


Back in the good old days, before our fantasies were crushed by manufacturer-carrier partnerships and vested interests, we dreamt of being able to make calls over whatever medium we damn well pleased. T-Mobile fed that desire further, with “Hotspot Calling” in 2007, subsequently causing temper tantrums with levied surcharges in a way that now reminds us of Ma Bell and their ludicrous femtocells. It’s such a pity they never took it any furth-

… wait, what?

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