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Starting today, Nest Hub and Hub Max will get ultrasound presence sensing

Google's smaller Home Nest Hub doesn't come with a camera as the company initially wanted to avoid people from believing it would spy on them. Still, with the launch of the camera-equipped Nest Hub Max, it was clear it noticed customers are comfortable with trading their privacy for a plethora of features. Among other things, the Hub Max offers gesture control through its camera, which lets you play and pause media by raising a hand. Now Google is adding a new ultrasonic sensing feature that allow both the smaller and the bigger Hub to react to nearby people without the use of a camera.

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Ultrasound-Based Proximity Software Could Replace One Of Those Unsightly Black Circles At The Top Of Your Phone

When you make a phone call, there's a reason your ear doesn't press all the on-screen buttons. The optical sensor near the earpiece is that reason. Thing is, the sensor needs an opening to see if anything is close. It's a small blemish, sure, but it's one manufacturers would love to do away with as they come up with increasingly sexy hardware (soon TVs won't be able to show these devices in commercials without covering them with black bars).

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