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OnePlus 3T now on sale in Europe, commemorated with a crazy fighter jet unboxing video

The new OnePlus 3T is a respectable if not earth-shattering update to the alternative flagship - see Ryan Whitwam's review for the full breakdown of the new phone and how it compares with the original OP3. It went on sale in the US last week, but now buyers in Europe also have a chance to get their hands on one. It's straight sales all the way - none of the ticket systems that OnePlus used to indulge in.

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44 new Android Pay banks in the US, plus TSB in the UK

The Android Pay team is seemingly on a roll at the moment, adding many new banks over the past few months, including Chase in the US and Natwest, Santander, and Royal Bank of Scotland (among others) in the UK. Today 44 new US banks are being added, and another big UK bank works as well after being announced as 'coming soon' a week ago.

As far as I can tell, there are no major banks included in this round of additions. We've noted the full list below, so take a look if you're waiting on a particular bank to be added.

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Samsung begins Note7 Exchange Program in United Kingdom and Ireland

Earlier this month, Samsung began an exchange program for Note7 owners in the United States after a global recall was announced. The United States program allowed customers to exchange their affected device and either receive a fixed model when stock was available, or buy a Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 edge and receive a refund of the price difference.

Today, a similar program has begun in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Essentially all the details are the same, but this program only mentions returning affected Note7s to receive fixed models; details about switching to other Galaxy phones are missing. Samsung also reports that affected devices in the UK and Ireland will be updated to limit the maximum battery charge to 60%, similar to Note7 devices in South Korea.

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Android Pay comes today to Natwest, Santander, Royal Bank of Scotland, and Ulster Bank in the UK

When Google announced the arrival of Android Pay on Chase in the US to the relieved sighs of many a customer and Android user, it also let us know that some new banks would be joining the ranks in the UK. At the time, the news was limited to Santander and TSB, although some avid British users had unearthed signs of support for others like Natwest, but it wasn't official nor was it functional yet.

Now, it is both. Google has updated its announcement to say that Android Pay is now available for customers of Natwest, Santander, Royal Bank of Scotland, and Ulster bank.

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[Deal Alert] UK only: Take £100 off the HTC 10, down to £470

Hey United Kingdom readers. We know you don't get to participate in a lot of the Deal Alert posts here on Android Police. We're sorry about that... especially since you folks could probably use a few discounts right about now. Well here's a pretty good one: take 100 quid off of an HTC 10 from the company store. It's available on right now - just add the coupon code SUMMER100 when you check out. It brings the full price down to £469.99.

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Google adds Emergency Location Service to Android, rolling out first in the UK and Estonia

You may be wary of making your location available to apps and services on Android, but that uneasiness goes away in an emergency situation. If you call emergency services, you want them to know exactly where you are, and now Android has the tools to make that happen. Well, if you live in the UK or Estonia. Those are the first two countries with support for the new Emergency Location Service.

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[Update: Italy, Portugal, and Spain too] Pokémon GO is go for launch in the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom seems considerably less, well, united than it used to be. But if there's one thing everyone can agree on, it's that they want a chance to play Pokémon GO. Niantic's augmented reality take on the classic Nintendo franchise is a smash hit in its first week, though a limited launch means that only those in the US, Australia, New Zealand, and just yesterday Germany have been able to play it so far. Now that launch has officially expanded to the UK, according to the official Pokémon GO Twitter account:

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The Google Store Starts Selling Cardboard VR Viewers In Canada, The United Kingdom, France, And Germany

So you've yet to snag a free Google Cardboard VR headset from a trade show. Or a Star Wars promotion. Or a copy of the New York Times, or a late-night talk show host, or even a freakin' porn website. And even when Google started selling Cardboard for actual money, they only did it in the US and not [your country here]. Don't worry: if you lack the skills and/or materials to build one of the ultra-cheap headsets, you can now buy one in Canada, the United Kingdom, France, or Germany.

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BlackBerry Drops The Price Of The Android-Powered Priv By $50 ($650) - Price Also Dropped In The UK And Europe

The BlackBerry Priv is nice. It really is! As the company's first full Android device it's impressive, and it's a downright godsend for all those users who've been starved for a high-end phone with a physical keyboard since the DROID 4 came out four freakin' years ago. But it's also expensive. At $700 in the US, it's among the priciest phones on the market... and BlackBerry's falling star in the smartphone world means that they can't afford to play at the same level as Samsung and Apple, at least not yet.

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[PSA] Amazon Is Recalling Power Adapters Bundled With The UK Version Of The Fire 7 And Fire 7 Kids Edition Due To Risk Of Electric Shock

We interrupt your morning (it's morning here in Seattle at least) to bring you an important public service announcement. If you live in the UK or Ireland and own one of Amazon's affordable 7in tablets, then you need to request a new charger. Amazon has noted that a small quantity of the chargers bundled with these devices have had their housing detach when being removed from the wall, creating a risk of electric shock (no, they are not a fire hazard).

The recall applies to all Fire 7 and Fire 7 Kid's Edition tablets sold in the UK and Ireland since September 2015.

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