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[Update: Extra savings on select models] Sony X950G 4K Android TVs go on sale for up to $500 off, just in time for your fall lineup

The fall season is what television enthusiasts live for. Sports fans revel in the heart-wrenching action of football and hockey, while evening bingers gather 'round for the return of their beloved sitcom and drama series. If you're in need of a new television to make the most of your 2019 fall lineup, look no further than these 4K Android TVs by Sony, on sale now for up to $500 off.

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Google Play now has 4K Disney, Pixar, and Marvel movies for sale

With the continued proliferation of cheap 4K TVs, more and more people are in the market for content that makes use of all those pixels. Google Play Movies & TV has offered such content for some time now, but movies owned by Disney have languished in 1080p. That's changing today, as Google has announced that many of Disney's properties are now available through Google Play in proper UHD.

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[Update: Added sorting] Google Play Movies v4.8 prepares to enable 4K upgrades, likely making them free [APK Teardown]

Google added 4K movies to its library back in late 2016, following the launch of the Chromecast Ultra. Since then, many people — myself included — came to realize that there was one big oversight: It's not possible to upgrade your existing HD movies to 4K. There was no upgrade pricing or even an option to remove a movie from your account and then purchase it again in 4K at full price. As it turns out, that issue will be rectified soon: Google is bringing upgrades to Play Movies, and it looks like they will be free.

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Play Movies purchases in HD are showing up as 4K in YouTube for Android TV, though they still play in HD

We're not sure if this is a bug or a sign of things to come, but if you've purchased a movie on Google Play Movies in HD that has a 4K version available now and you open your purchases in the YouTube app on Android TV, you might spot a 4K sign below it. However, when you start playing it, the highest resolution available is 1080p.

Our tipster spotted this 4K label in his library, and Cody was able to confirm it as well. So far it's unclear whether this is a bug or it's a sign of Google upgrading HD Play Movies purchases to 4K for free when applicable - something that Apple did when it launched 4K content on iTunes, but that Google didn't.

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You still can't delete or upgrade films and TV episodes on Google Play

As long as Google Play Movies has existed, there has been one major problem - you can't delete movies or TV episodes from your library. That might seem like a minor issue, since it doesn't cost users anything to keep content, but it has become more pressing since Google Play added support for 4K movies.

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UHD content now available through Google Play Movies in the UK

Late last year, Google gave us a nice early Christmas present in the form of 4K video on Google Play. But unfortunately, that gift had a region restriction. Only those of us in the US and Canada were able to pick up media in the expanded resolution, leaving other markets with just HD content. Now people in the UK can get in on the UHD fun, too.

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[Update: Now it's cheaper] Deal Alert: Get a 75" 2016 Sony LED UHD Android TV from Best Buy for $2150 today ($650 off)

It's been a little while since we had an actual Android TV pop up in our deal alerts. Our first one for 2017 is a big 'un. As part of its Deal of the Day, Best Buy has Sony's XBR X850D (2016 version) television for $2,150, which is a savings of $650.

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Seiki, Westinghouse, and Element introduce the first 4K TVs with Amazon's Fire TV

New TVs are a classic tradition at CES. A lot of the big and small brands take the time to announce new sets with some feature they hope will entice consumers to buy one. So how does a 4K TV with Amazon's Fire TV built in sound? If that interests you then Seiki, Westinghouse, and Element have you covered.

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Play Store v7.1 adds a round launcher icon and an app shortcut in preparation for the Pixel Launcher and Android 7.1, and more [APK Teardown]

Google is rolling out the red carpet for the upcoming Pixel phones, ensuring that its core lineup of apps are dressed the part. An update to the Play Store began rolling out yesterday with a new round launcher icon for the Pixel Launcher and an app shortcut (formerly known as launcher shortcuts) for Android 7.1. Also joining the list of upcoming features will be support for purchasing 4K movies and TV shows, a marker to indicate if a device is certified, and a new icon for promotions and gifts.

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Play Movies & TV v3.19 adds notifications for expiring rewards, prepares for 4K content, a channel for trailers, and TV show recommendations [APK Teardown + Download]

A pair of fresh updates of the Play Movies & TV app rolled out to both Android TV and regular devices yesterday. Like many other recent updates, there's not a lot of new functionality to see on the surface, particularly for the Android TV version. Phones and tablets gained a new toggle to control notifications about expiring rewards, but that's about it. However, a teardown shows a few improvements scheduled for future updates, including 4K support, a special channel for watching trailers, and recommendations for similar TV shows. Read on for details or skip to the bottom for download links.

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