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Google Engineer Benson Leung Finds A USB Type C Cable That Isn't Just Dangerous On Paper — It Allegedly Fried His Hardware

Not all USB Type C cables are created equal. Some charge better than others. A number ignore USB spec so much that they run the risk of actually damaging your hardware. This could happen gradually, or in the worst-case scenario, it could be instant.

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[Attack Of The Killer OTA] Recent Android 5.0.2 Update Bricks Nexus 9 For Some Users

The most recent over-the-air update for the Nexus 9, the one that totally wasn't what you were actually waiting for, has apparently bricked the device for some owners. A couple folks affected by this 5.0.2 issue have taken to Google's product forums to ask what gives.

The person who opened this thread was told to perform a factory reset in recovery mode (as well as the bootloader, which has a separate factory reset option). It didn't fix things. Nor did it work for our very own Cameron Summerson, who went through this headache this morning. He was able to fix his Nexus 9 only after flashing the factory image manually.

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HTC Introduces Uh-Oh Protection Plan Offering A Free Replacement Phone In The Event Of A Cracked Screen, Water Damage, Or A Carrier Switch In The First 12 Months

In 2014, HTC rolled out the HTC Advantage, which offered a free cracked screen replacement, two years of updates, and up to 50GB of Google Drive storage space. Today, the company is going a step further. It has announced Uh-Oh Protection, which will provide one free replacement phone in the event of a cracked screen, water damage, or a carrier switch within the first twelve months after purchase.

Alternatively, if you don't get a replacement during this time frame, HTC will offer you $100 towards the purchase of your next HTC One.

Getting your replacement won't require going without a phone, either.

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Snapchat Is Apparently Burning Through Background Data Following Latest Major Update

Snapchat is no stranger to controversy, but this latest issue isn't the headline you would normally expect. Users have taken to the web to complain about the app burning through background data. Complaints have surfaced on reddit, along with screenshots. The griping can be found on more than one thread.


Screenshot posted to reddit by rabbit00010.

In the screenshot above, you can see Snapchat having used over 40MB in the foreground (while the app was open) and a little more than 250MB in the background.

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