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UE Megaboom 3 speaker deals include choice of all-time low price ($100 off) or charging dock bundle

Ultimate Ears has done the seemingly impossible by managing to create, not one, but an entire lineup of recognizable, portable Bluetooth speakers among a crowded field of competitors. Right now, you can grab the Megaboom 3, the company's most advanced waterproof speaker, for an all-time low of $119.99 at Amazon and Best Buy — with the latter throwing in a free charging dock that usually retails for $39.99 on its own. And, if you happen to pick one up now, you'll save about $80 off the list price.

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Ultimate Ears Hyperboom is a $400 Bluetooth speaker with 24-hour battery life

In the era of connected speakers that can independently pull online content and even talk to you through voice assistants, Bluetooth-only party speakers have still managed to hold their own. In case you worried that the market wasn't already brimming with enough such speakers, you've got a new option now from Ultimate Ears, countering the likes of JBL PartyBox — called Hyperboom, the speaker is UE's biggest offering to date.

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Black Friday Ultimate Ears deals knock up to 20% off Boom 3 and Megaboom 3 speakers

Ultimate Ears produces some of the most recognizable, outdoor-ready Bluetooth speakers on the market. Both Amazon and Best Buy currently have several UE products, including the Boom 3 and Megaboom 3 speakers marked down by as much as $30 for Black Friday. Both of these speakers feature IP67 waterproofing with the added benefit of floating atop the water's surface thanks to an internal air pocket.

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UE Wonderboom drops to an all-time low of $40 ($60 off)

The sheer abundance of Bluetooth speakers on the market can be overwhelming, but a few brands have managed to rise to prominence — Ultimate Ears, better known as UE, being one of them. Over-sized volume controls and an emphasis on cylindrical designs have helped the brand achieve recognizability in a crowded category. Today, both Amazon and Best Buy have the first-generation UE Wonderboom available for as little as $40.

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UE Wonderboom 2 review: Some solid upgrades help this rugged speaker stand out

A couple years back, Ultimate Ears released the Wonderboom, a squat little speaker that delivered great sound at a good price. With some attractive color pairings, and big, easy-to-use controls, there was a lot to like about the speaker, though there was also clearly still room to grow. Now UE’s ready with its follow-up, launching the Wonderboom 2 earlier this summer.

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Ultimate Ears' tiny WONDERBOOM 2 Bluetooth speaker is already $80 ($20 off)

Don't let the long name and all-caps fool you; the WONDERBOOM 2 is Ultimate Ears' smallest speaker offering. It was announced earlier this month, but prices are already being slashed by $20/20% to $79.99. If the regular BOOM speakers are just too big for your liking, you might want to look into this.

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Ultimate Ears MEGABLAST Bluetooth speaker falls to $150 ($150 off) on Amazon

Logitech's Ultimate Ears brand makes good products, but they can sometimes be overpriced. Case in point: the MEGABLAST launched at $299.99, a lot of money for a Bluetooth speaker that isn't 100% perfect. Over the past months, we've seen several price drops for the MEGABLAST, but Amazon's current price of $150.01 is the best we've seen thus far.

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Ultimate Ears unveils Wonderboom 2 Bluetooth speaker, this time with stereo pairing

The original Ultimate Ears Wonderboom was a tiny and cute little portable Bluetooth speaker that could float on water and sounded pretty decent — all for just $100. There was little not to love about it, a sentiment echoed by Jeff in our review. It must have been a good seller for UE owner Logitech, too, as it's seen fit to bring out an updated version with better sound and more features.

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Save $30 on UE's Megaboom 3 and Boom 3 Bluetooth speakers

Looking for a new (or additional) Bluetooth speaker? Then listen up, because Amazon knocked $30 off the asking price of the UE Megaboom 3 and Boom 3, making them $169.99 and $119.99, respectively.

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Ultimate Ears BLAST app now supports grouping with up to eight speakers, 11 months after it was promised

Back in April of last year, Ultimate Ears announced that its BLAST and MEGABLAST Bluetooth speakers would be receiving a number of features that they really should have come with out of the box. Nearly a year later, one of those features — grouping — has finally been added with an update to the BLAST companion app.

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