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Logitech releases beta apps for the UE Boom and Megaboom, with Alexa integration

Logitech's speaker brand, Ultimate Ears, includes the UE Boom and UE Megaboom speakers. They have mobile apps available, allowing you to connect multiple speakers together, change the EQ settings, and more. Now Logitech has released beta versions of the UE Boom and Megaboom apps, with the first new feature being Alexa support.

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[Deal Alert] UE's Stellar Sounding Ultra Portable Speaker, The UE Roll 360, $30 Off On Amazon For A Limited Time

The UE Roll may be the most diminutive member of UE's proud Bluetooth speaker family, but it's also the most portable. Weighing in at just 11 oz, the Roll punches above its weight class with surprisingly loud and clear audio for such a low profile device.

In addition to sounding great, the Roll also is waterproof and has a permanently attached marine grade bungee cord that you can use to hang the speaker on things. Things like your backpack, skateboard, dog, or the side of your head (if you buy two, you can put one on each side of your head for true stereo sound).

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[Deal Alert] BOOM! UE Boom Just 100 BOOMING Dollars At Amazon And Best Buy, A Full Half-BOOMIN' Off! BOOOOOM!!! [Updated]

The UE Boom is an awesome Bluetooth speaker. It's got everything a great wireless speaker needs, loud and crisp 360 degree audio, a portable design, water resistance, thumpin' bass, and a crazy 15 hours of battery life. The only thing lacking is a great price to go along with all those features. Well, what do you know, it has a great price today too! It's just $99.99 on Amazon, half the normal price, which means this is a big BOOMIN' deal!

Screenshot 2015-11-19 at 4.28.19 PM

That is, unless you ask Cam, he seems to think the JBL Flip 3, which is already priced at $100, is a better speaker.

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[Deal Alert] Get The Explosive Sounding Refurbished UE Boom Bluetooth Speaker For Just $120 From Woot

Sound is pretty simple, especially in the form of music. It should be nice. It should be loud when I want it to be. It should fill the room. In the case of Bluetooth speakers, they should be easy to pair. Battery life should be decent. After that, see desired qualities listed for sound.

The Ultimate Ears Boom Bluetooth speaker should meet most of these qualities. Two years ago, our own Cameron Summerson considered this the Bluetooth speaker against which all others should be judged. That still means something, even if it's no longer the latest model.

I'm not an audiophile.

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Ultimate Ears BOOM 2 Review: Better Than The Original, But No Longer The Best

Back in July of 2014, a speaker came out that changed the way I thought of Bluetooth speakers: the Ultimate Ears BOOM. At the time — and for many months after — this speaker was the benchmark by which all others were judged. Then came the MEGABOOM, a damn-near double sized BOOM. Again, benchmark-quality stuff. The ROLL is the smallest entry from Ultimate Ears, but that didn't stop it from also being incredible. Needless to say, Ultimate Ears has been putting out some of my favorite speakers over the last two years.

Then JBL came along and changed the game again.

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Ultimate Ears Announces The BOOM 2 With Increased Volume, Longer Battery Life, And IPX 7 Protection

For the past two years, the Ultimate Ears BOOM has been, in my opinion, the benchmark Bluetooth speaker. It was the first one to come out that really and truly changed the way I personally thought about BT speakers, because it was the first one that didn't sound like a tiny, ultra-portable speaker. Since then, we've seen a lot of really nice speakers step the game up, but despite being two years old, the BOOM has been able to hold its own against basically all of them.

Today, UE announced the successor to the BOOM, the BOOM 2. Naturally, this builds on what UE started with the BOOM and makes it better.

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Ultimate Ears Announces The UE ROLL, The Successor To The Mini BOOM

As far as I'm concerned, Ultimate Ears is the best name in portable wireless speakers right now - the BOOM and MEGABOOM are my personal picks for best all-around Bluetooth speakers on the market. The Mini BOOM had its time, as well, and it was very good for its pint size. Today, however, Ultimate Ears has unveiled the Mini's successor, the UE ROLL. I'll admit that I'm not the biggest fan of the name, but it is fitting - it looks like a dinner roll. I have no idea if that's actually what they were going for, but whatever. That's what I'm taking it as.

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Ultimate Ears Updates UE BOOM Firmware And Android App To Offer New EQ Setting And Alarm Clock Functionality

I reviewed the UE BOOM back in July and called it my favorite Bluetooth speaker. Four months and several speaker reviews later, it still holds that title. Today, UE is pushing out a firmware update to the speaker and adding new features to the Android app that makes it even more useful.

The standout feature of this update is an all-new Alarm feature. Basically, it turns your BOOM into an alarm clock, so you can wake to some killer sound. This might just be the alarm that can get my dead self out of bed in the mornings. I'm sure Artem will appreciate that.

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Ultimate Ears BOOM Review: Finally, A Portable Bluetooth Speaker That Doesn't Sound Like A Portable Bluetooth Speaker

We've covered some of the best Bluetooth speakers on the market over the last few months – everything from small and affordable to large and pricey. But I can promise you that we've never covered anything like the Ultimate Ears (UE) BOOM ($199). It's simply the best Bluetooth speaker I've ever heard, price be damned.

For those who may not be familiar with the BOOM, here's the skinny: it's a cylindrical, 360 degree, plasma coated, waterproof, stain resistant, NFC-enabled speaker. Really, it's a Bluetooth speaker that's designed for life. But the design is just part of what makes this speaker so good – it also has 15 hours of battery life, and (most importantly) it sounds incredible.

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