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OnePlus Plays Nice With Canonical And Lets Ubuntu Take A Stroll On The OnePlus One

In between selling iPhone cases (yes, really) and paying for product placement on the latest season of House of Cards (yes, really), OnePlus seems to have achieved something rather cool on the software front. They've partnered with Canonical, the people who make the popular Linux desktop distribution Ubuntu, in order to bring the mobile version to the original OnePlus One. Neat! OnePlus made the announcement on Google Plus.

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Just One Week In, The Ubuntu Edge Phone's Indiegogo Campaign Is Already Hopelessly Behind Funding Targets

Call it too ambitious, ahead of its time, or just plain not a very good idea - it doesn't really matter at this point: former Canonical CEO Mark Shuttleworth's Ubuntu-powered smartphone crowdfunding campaign has all but fizzled at this point.

While the campaign achieved over 10% of its total funding goal in the first 24 hours of the campaign - a whopping $3.4 million, setting an Indiegogo record - progress slowed quickly as the week went on. After around 3 days, that number was just above $4 million, and as of this writing eight full days into the campaign, the figure sits at $7.4 million with 22 days remaining.

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