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Uber Launches UberEATS App On Android, Users Are Uber-Annoyed

Uber became a massive company by giving people rides, but now it wants to give your dinner a ride. After testing the UberEATS service in the main Uber app for a few months, the Android version of UberEATS is now in the Play Store. It's only available in a few cities right now, but the residents of those cities are not very happy with the service, judging by the early reviews.

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[Deal Alert] Capital One Is Offering Four Free UberPool Rides To All Cardholders This Weekend

What's in your wallet? If it's a Capital One card, and you live in one of the largest metros in the US, and you like hoping into cars with strangers, then you may be about to get four free UberPool rides.

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Xiaomi Partners With Uber To Deliver Mi Note Smartphones In Southeast Asia

Ring, ring.

Hello, thank you for calling Xiaomi.

Mumble, mumble. Mumble mumble.

So you hate going to the store to pick up a new phone. I hear you. Have you tried ordering online? Huh, you don't want to wait for shipping. Okay. What I'm hearing is that you literally just want to have someone bring you a phone the moment you ask for it. Well, since you live in Malaysia—huh, Singapore, okay, you're still good—you can now order one through Uber. Xiaomi has partnered with the ride-sharing company to deliver its new Mi Note.



Excuse me, I have an American on the line.

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Lyft Update Brings PayPal Support And Easy Credit Card Uploads

Lyft, the pink mustachioed ride service competitor to Uber, has added a couple of sweet new features to its Android app today which should make it easier for passengers to pay their fare.

First, Lyft now supports PayPal as a means of payment. Nuff said. Second, it is now easier to add new forms of payment with a nifty tool that lets you upload additional credit cards by just snapping a photo. I tried it out, and sure enough, it worked without a hitch.

Screenshot_2015-05-21-17-52-39 Screenshot_2015-05-21-18-16-18 Screenshot_2015-05-21-17-55-49

You can change your prefered payment source at any time in the payments tab. Use the widget below to cruise on over to the Play Store to download or update Lyft on your phone.

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Uber And Fuhu Roll Out uberFAMILY To Keep DC's Little Ones Occupied During Trips

Not all of Uber's passengers are childless 20-somethings looking to stay out late with friends. Some riders have children, and it helps everyone involved if those kids have something to keep them busy. So Uber and Fuhu have come up with a way to keep to do precisely that.


The uberFAMILY service, available first in DC, will equip cars with Fuhu's nabi tablets. In addition to apps, children will be able to take advantage of subscriptions containing both entertaining and educational content.

Everything, from the custom interface to the content, is catered to younger folks. So these are not the most exciting tablets out there, and there's no reason for parents to dawdle on devices if the kids aren't interested.

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Uber Announces New API And 11 Launch Partners Who Have Or Will Integrate Their Apps With Its Service

Uber has created an API that will enable developers to integrate their apps with the ride-sharing service. It lets apps look up pickup times, fare estimates, destinations, and trip history. To envision what this looks like in practice, close your eyes and picture an airline app with the ability to check flight status, book a flight, and request a ride using Uber all in one place. Imagine being able to request a ride with Uber whenever a friend drops an address in an instant message. Okay, now imagine that you don't have to use your imagination. Even better, open your eyes, and take a look at the image below.

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Uber And Lyft Introduce Ride-Sharing With Strangers To Save Up To 60% Off Rides

Uber and Lyft have both separately announced two similar but unrelated ways of doing the same thing. In either case, people will soon have the ability to share rides with others in order to cut down on how much they have to pay. Uber's announcement yesterday came first, but the two are too close together for this to not have already been in the works at Lyft as well.

In the former's case, the feature goes by the name of UberPool. The company will let people share a ride with another person requesting a similar route to split the cost. The service is available immediately in a private beta, with Uber willing to welcome in more early adopters on August 15th.

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Uber v3.0 Leaves Beta, Brings Redesigned UI To The Masses

Transport on-demand service Uber started up a Play Store beta program a few weeks ago to test a big change. Today that version 3.0 redesign is live in the Play Store for everyone to enjoy. It looks like a nice visual improvement, but the changelog doesn't mention any new features in particular.

1 2 3

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Uber Launches Play Store Beta Program With A Big v3.0 Update

It's a great big world out there, and sometimes you need wheels to see it. Uber offers rides from friendly folks through its mobile app, and all it costs you is a bit of cash money. The Android app isn't bad, but it could use some work. Luckily, Uber is opening up an Android beta program with a completely revamped version of the app.

2014-05-07 14.59.59 2014-05-07 15.01.04 2014-05-07 14.58.12

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