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Uber offers Calendar Shortcuts so that you can get to your events on time

After letting the redesign of its app sit for a few months, Uber is back at it with adding features to make commuting more convenient. This time, the ride-sharing service is adding "Calendar Shortcuts," which allow you to select your destination based upon your calendar entries. Whether it's a meeting, dinner, flight, or whatever it is you normal people do, these new shortcuts make getting a ride that much faster.

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Uber wants you to shower your drivers with praise through its new feature, Compliments

Tipping with real money has been something of a sore topic with Uber, so why not just tip your driver with a digital sticker and some kind words? If giving a 5-star rating is never enough, Uber Compliments is just the thing for you. Compliments are essentially glorified, digital thank-you notes.

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Uber overhauls its app, focuses on the destination

Celebrate, Uber riders! The ride-sharing service has announced that it is overhauling its aging app. Gone will be the overly complicated navigation (they said it, not me) — instead, the app will be cleaner, smoother, and faster. Uber even states that it will be rebuilt from the ground up. The redesign focuses on the question of "Where to?" Since we all use Uber to, you know, get somewhere.

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Google planning to enter the ride-sharing business with Waze

It looks like Google is finally moving into the San Francisco ride-sharing market. According to the Wall Street Journal, the tech giant is looking to offer commuters cheaper rates (and lower fares) than the two big players, Uber and Lyft. The plan is to connect drivers and riders who are going in the same direction, instead of the on-demand service you would see with other ride-sharing services.

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The Uber app will soon tell drivers to drive safer and buy a damn phone mount

Until such time as Uber can replace human drivers with robots (and it really wants to), it has to deal with people doing stupid things on the road. In an effort to make Uber safer for passengers, the company will start reminding its drivers about safety measures in the Uber app. This program will launch in 11 cities over the coming weeks, and more cities will be added soon.

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Uber drivers can stream Pandora Premium free for the next six months

What's better than listening to music on the ride home? Listening to commercial-free music. The next time you hop in an Uber car, your driver hopefully won't subject you to ads. Drivers can now stream Pandora Premium for the next six months, free.

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Uber Takes Lyft's Path, Announces Scheduled Rides Starting In Seattle

Only a couple of weeks after Lyft announced its own scheduled rides, Uber is following suit and implementing its own take on the feature. The main difference between Uber's and Lyft's is that the latter doesn't allow you to schedule rides more than 24 hours in advance, but the former is letting you do it up to 30 days beforehand. This gives you leeway to "reserve" rides way ahead of time, to make sure you are done with your flight planning or major business trips preparation.

To schedule an Uber ride, you simply head into the app and choose the uberX then tap "Schedule a ride." You then pick the date, time, pickup location, and drop-off destination, then confirm it.

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Uber Trip Tracker Lets You Follow Your Family Members When They're On The Road

Uber has been testing Family Profiles since March in several cities around the US. But as it is with all things family, you can't be too cautious and it won't hurt to keep an open eye on everyone. That's why the company is introducing Trip Tracker.

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Uber To End Google Wallet Support On May 9, Android Pay Takes Its Place With $10 Off Your Next Ride

Google Wallet is nearing the end of its rope and Android Pay has risen to take its place as everyone's favorite online and in-store payment method. Apps have started rolling support for Android Pay and Uber is no exception. Users of the app who have previously used Google Wallet to pay for a ride are getting emails from Uber telling them that the payment method will no longer be supported starting May 9.

Instead, they can now add Android Pay to, erm, pay for rides. Along with a credit/debit card and Paypal, this will be the third payment option available to users of Uber.

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Uber Now Lets Third Parties Brand And Customize Rides

Taking an Uber is already a much more enticing option than hailing a cab. One of the things that makes it so great is that it's so amazingly convenient. Uber is almost everywhere, and you can get a lift without having cash on you, or even knowing the local language. All you need is a smartphone.

Now it's about to get even better. Uber is allowing other sites and apps to introduce their own branding and functionality into the core Uber experience, provided the user was directed to it through a deep link or ride reminder.

Uber has already quietly signed up a number of big names, with more undoubtedly to follow.

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