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Uber Eats sells Indian business to local rival Zomato

Uber spent 2019 shedding its loss-making businesses and laying off staff on a global scale in a bid to become profitable. The latest to get the ax is the Indian arm of Uber Eats, which has been sold to the local rival Zomato. Uber Eats ceased all of its operations in the Asian market earlier today, following a blog post by Zomato founder Deepinder Goyal.

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New Uber Comfort promises the same 'Quiet Ride' setting as Uber Black for less money

For some (like me) chatting up an Uber driver makes sitting in terrible city traffic a bit more enjoyable, but many others would like nothing more than silence on their trip. Pair that with a bit of extra space and a comfortable interior, and you might even find a way to be productive in transit. If you fall into that last camp, you'll be pleased to hear that Uber is launching a new "Comfort" class of ride that gets the same Rider Preference options like the "Quiet Mode" toggle Uber Black has, plus the benefits of extra space and a newer car.

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Uber adds Eats to its main app, hoping to get more riders to order food through the service

Uber has long been expanding beyond its core business of ride-hailing services, and also offers peer-to-peer ridesharing, bicycle sharing, and food delivery today. While bike sharing is integrated into the company's main app, that's not the case for food delivery, which has its separate app. However, the business wants to place the latter service more prominently and is working on adding it to its main product.

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Uber Black is introducing an option to tell your driver you don't want to talk

Hailing a ride from a TNC app is usually easy. What's harder is managing what happens between the time the car pulls up to the curb and when you shut (don't slam!) the door. Depending on your tendencies and the driver's, there can be a lot going of yapping on between point A and point B, not to mention the detours and the literal baggage that get in the way. Well, if you happen to shell out for an Uber Black ride, you now have more ways to control how your ride goes with the tap of the app — that includes being able to snag a silent ride.

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Uber acquires Middle Eastern rival Careem for $3.1 billion

Since Uber launched its ride-hailing app in 2009, competitors like Lyft, Ola, and Didi, have been mushrooming across the world. Some of them have focused on a more regional approach, taking local cultures into account when designing their product. Careem is one of these, as the company founded in 2012 has worked on adapting its offering to the local customs, such as letting people pay by cash in countries where credit card usage isn't widespread. With a name meaning "generous and humble" in Arabic and services in line with people's way of living, Careem managed to become very popular across the Middle East.

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Uber Rewards loyalty program rolls out to all US riders

Uber Rewards was announced in November last year. The program grants points to Uber users for hailing rides or ordering food through Uber Eats, with perks increasing for higher dollar amounts spent. The program started rolling out in January, and Uber has announced that it's now available to all riders in the United States.

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Uber rolls out UI changes in latest beta app

Things may look different the next time you open the Uber app. The latest version (build number 4.249.10002) revamps a few bits of the UI to take advantage of taller screen ratios, and it makes scheduling easier. It's only accessible in the official beta channel, though.

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Uber's new Ride Pass offers discounted fares in select cities from $15/month

Uber and Lyft, America's two ride-sharing giants, are always going toe-to-toe in terms of new features and functionality. The latest move comes from Uber, which has just introduced something called Ride Pass to five major cities: Austin, Denver, Los Angeles, Miami, and Orlando. Ride Pass costs $14.99/month (but $24.99/month in LA) and nets subscribers flat discounted rates on their Uber and UberX trip fares.

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Google Assistant can now help book rides from Uber, Lyft, and others

Chances are, you've paid more than you needed to for a ride because you didn't feel like manually comparing the rates of all your options. Today, Google announced it's got a way to ameliorate such situations: the Google Assistant will soon be able to provide you a handy list of ride providers going to your destination, along with time estimates and pricing information.

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Uber and Uber Eats apps updated with new branding

Uber hired former Coca-Cola exec Rebecca Messina as its first chief marketing officer two days ago, and she's joining just in time for the announcement a complete rebrand. The Uber and Uber Eats apps have been updated with new logos that use a proprietary new typeface called 'Uber Move.'

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