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HTC rolling out 1080p 60FPS video recording to the U11

The HTC U11 is a pretty good phone, and certainly an improvement over the earlier U Ultra. HTC previously announced that the phone would recieve an update enabling 1080p 60FPS recording, and now the time has come.

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6GB/128GB variant of HTC U11 can be pre-ordered tomorrow at midnight ET for $729

Did you like the HTC U11, but think that the standard 64GB of storage wasn't enough for you? We have some good news for you - a 6GB/128GB model of the U11 is being made available for pre-order tomorrow at 12AM Eastern time for $729 - $80 more than the 64GB model.

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[Update: HTC Alexa app released for the U11, enables hands free or Edge Sense activation] HTC U11 Edge Sense now updated to include Alexa integration, but it's not working yet

The HTC U11 is a pretty good phone, but it has one particularly divisive feature: Edge Sense. Squeezing the frame of the device can activate various software features, most notably a personal assistant (a feature the next generation Pixel XL is apparently set to borrow). When it was announced by HTC, the U11 was supposed to have a choice of three assistants, including the company's own HTC Companion, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa. The last of those didn't make it in time for launch, but it appears to be included in the latest update to Edge Sense.

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The HTC U11's first software update is here

The U11 is HTC's second flagship phone for 2017, with the standout feature being squeezable 'Edge Sense' sides. It just started shipping to customers in the United States and Canada, but new owners will likely find an update waiting for them out of the box.

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The HTC U11 fails JerryRigEverything durability testing

HTC is doing some weird things with its latest generation of phones. They're shiny, rounded, and there's no headphone jack. So, how's HTC's new design when it comes to durability? JerryRigEverything on YouTube has put the U11 through its paces, and it didn't go well. This phone did not survive the tests, so it goes on the shelf of shame. I'm not sure if that's a real shelf, but the point is the phone is broken.

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HTC releases the U11's kernel source code

It's always nice to see companies respect the GPL, which requires OEMs to release the kernel source code for phones they create. HTC is usually pretty good about releasing source code for new devices in a timely manner, and to that end, the company has uploaded the U11's kernel code to its website.

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[Update: Out of stock, ships in 2-4 weeks] The HTC U11 is available to buy in the US and Canada, some pre-orders have already arrived

HTC announced its latest flagship phone last month. The impossibly shiny HTC U11 with its strange, squeezable Edge Sense sides seems like it might be an improvement on its recent offerings. After recent failures such as the U Ultra (a close relative of the new U11), the Taiwanese firm is in need of a win. After going up for pre-order a few weeks ago, the HTC U11 should be now available to purchase from HTC's US ($649) and Canadian ($899) sites. Some pre-ordered devices have already arrived with customers.

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TWRP now supports the HTC U11, Xiaomi Mi 5s, and more devices

It doesn't take long for TWRP to show up on a new major phone or tablet. For example, it took almost no time at all for the custom recovery to become available for the Exynos Galaxy S8 and S8+. Now TWRP fully supports HTC's latest flagship, the U11, plus a handful of other phones.

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Here are all of the HTC U11's included wallpapers

After months of rumors, the HTC 11 was officially revealed earlier today. We'll have to wait until the reviews start to pour in to find out if the phone is worth buying, but in the meantime, you can enjoy all of the phone's included wallpapers.

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HTC U11's camera scores 90 at DxOMark, beats Google Pixel's 89

Anyone interested in the quality of the camera attached to their smartphone is probably aware of DxO Labs. The firm rigorously tests the image quality produced by new devices and gives it an overall score, the DxOMark. Google even used the high rating achieved by its Pixel camera in its own marketing campaign, such is the reputation of DxO's word. Since its release in late October 2016 the Pixel has been top of the DxO rankings, scoring 89 points. Until now, that is, as the newly announced HTC U11 has just come out on top, beating the previous leader by 1 point with at total of 90.

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