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United States Senate fails to protect your web activity from government snooping

The United States has a long history of unwarranted surveillance on its citizens, mostly stemming from the Patriot Act signed into law after the September 11 attacks. The Patriot Act allowed various law enforcement agencies to conduct surveillance on citizens (without warrants) in the name of protecting against future terrorist attacks, and while that law has lapsed, a new amendment passed by the U.S. Senate once again allows law enforcement to rummage through your internet history with no probable cause.

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U.S. Senate passes ZTE sanctions, bill now goes to committee

The decision by President Trump and the Department of Commerce to lift ZTE's ban on importing U.S. components drew plenty of criticism, but it seemed to mark the end of the ongoing ZTE drama. Unfortunately for the company, the ban now has a real chance of being reinstated.

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Bipartisan bill in U.S. Senate aims to reinstate ZTE ban

The decision by President Trump and the Department of Commerce to lift ZTE's ban on importing U.S. components has drawn plenty of criticism. Not only was it ZTE's second time breaking U.S. law, but many believe Chinese OEMs like ZTE and Huawei to be security threats. Now a number of senators plan to introduce a bill that will reinstate the import ban.

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