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New Moen smart faucet and leak detector trickle into CES

Moen, of kitchen and bathroom fixture fame, has released a handful of new smart home connected products at this year's CES. In addition to the U by Moen Smart Faucet, the company has also announced a new Smart Water Detector meant to work with its already-existing (but for some reason re-announced) smart water valve. They're all part of the "Moen Network," a connected system for your home's plumbing.

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The U by Moen is the first WiFi-connected shower, complete with precise temperature control, timers, and an app

Everything's internet-connected these days, be it toothbrushes, thermostats, fridges, lights, CO detectors... or a shower. Yep, that's right: Moen, in partnership with GridConnect (smart home specialists), has released a smart shower, the U, which is controllable via a panel inset into the wall, or via an app on your phone.

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