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Anker issues recall and replacements after researcher demonstrates unsafe USB-C cables

We're at an interesting crossroads in Android hardware. Manufacturers are switching from MicroUSB for power and wired data to the newer, more capable USB-C standard. But the rush to provide mobile users with hundreds of millions of new cables and chargers creates, well, a rush. We've already seen some USB-C cables and other hardware that have been substandard, sometimes with disastrous results. So civic-minded geeks, including independent researcher Nathan K., have been looking into the performance and power output of popular cables.

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Familiar Rumor Says Samsung To Switch To Type C USB Port, This Time On The Note 6

Last year, both The Wall Street Journal and Sammobile reported that the Galaxy S7 would feature a Type C USB connector. As you may know, the Galaxy S7 does not feature a Type C USB connector. But these rumors didn't come out of thin air - it seems more likely than anything that Samsung was at least testing Type C connectivity on the Galaxy S7, but for one reason or another ended up sticking with the tried-and-true micro-B connector.

Sammobile is back at it again, this time claiming the Note 6 will mark Samsung's USB-C debut. I do find this more plausible than the S7 rumor, so let me posit my theory here.

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[Deal Alert] iOrange-E Car Chargers With USB Type-C Are Up To 50% Off With Coupon On Amazon

With all those new USB Type-C devices popping up, we're always on the lookout for compatible accessories to replace all the microUSB cables and chargers we have lying around. Of course, not all type-C accessories are created equal, and some can even completely fry your hardware. That's why we're careful to only recommend stuff that has Benson Leung's seal of approval, and iOrange-E has had a consistent track record so far.

iOrange-E has three new car chargers which come with Quick Charge 2.0 or a Type-C USB cable built in, and we've got Amazon coupons which will give you up to half off the current price.

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[Update: Winners] Win One Of Ten USB Type-C 'Starter Packs' From AP And Tronsmart

USB Type-C is the new hotness, and we're already seeing several manufacturers adopt the new (and improved) technology. The newest Google handsets and tablet all have Type-C, the LG G5 will have it, and even companies like Blu have moved to this tech for its newest Vivo phones. Whether we're ready or not, this is something that we'll see even more of moving forward.

While USB Type-C is essentially superior to its predecessor in every way, it's still a huge pain to move from something that's been around as long as microUSB. There's a good chance you have cables and chargers aplenty, and giving up the luxury of having multiple chargers pretty much sucks.

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[Deal Alert] Choetech Has Sales On USB Type-C Cables, A Type-C Wall Charger, And A Solar Charger Via Amazon

Smartphone batteries are getting bigger, but you still need to juice them up from time to time. The change to USB Type-C means you suddenly have many fewer compatible cables, but Choetech is selling some for cheap, and yes, they're Benson-approved. There's also a USB solar panel on sale, because why not?

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The New Nexus Phones Support USB Power Delivery To Charge Other Devices, But It's Sketchy On Older Phones And Tablets

The benefits of USB Type-C are still unclear to me. I mean, I get that it's universal and reversible, but right now it's just another cable to have around. When it becomes more ubiquitous, though, Type-C might be most useful when the time comes to charge up your gadgets. The new Nexus phones offer a taste of this future with support for USB power delivery, allowing them to both send and receive power.

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More Images Of The Huawei Nexus (Angler) Leak Showing Off USB Type-C Port And Snapdragon 810

We got our best look yet at the Huawei Nexus phone (codename Angler) earlier today, and now we've got a few more pics from the same source. This time the phone is in a protective case that obscures many of the features, but there's one thing we can see plain as day—a USB Type-C port. It's happening.


Hands-On With The OnePlus 2: Wood, Fingerprints, And Mute Switches

I've never used a OnePlus One for more than a few minutes, and I've never really had much of a desire to (hey, just being honest). After hearing Artem's many horror stories about the device, seeing the slow OTA timeline of Cyanogen Inc., and being perfectly happy buying a full-on flagship phone since no-interest financing is readily available here in America, the One never really caught my attention as a product. So, I like to think I'm going into the OnePlus 2 with slightly fresher eyes here, though what that really amounts to in any substantive sense I have no clue.

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Google Strongly Hints The Next Nexus Phone (Or Whatever It Is) Will Probably Have A USB3.1 Type C Connector

Google just announced the new Chromebook Pixel today, two days after Apple unveiled its new Macbook, and for all the differences those two laptops will have, they also have one very important thing in common: a USB3.1 Type C connector. That connector is used to charge them, as well as to transfer data, hook up external displays, or most any other USB accessory. This is very exciting.

USB3.1 Type C is fully reversible and finally does away with the most annoying aspect of modern USB cables: multiple port types. USB3.1 will finally eschew micro, mini, type B, and other weird-ass ports in favor of a single port design that is much smaller (and reversible, did I mention reversible?) than the existing full-sized USB A style.

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