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[Update: Winners] Giveaway: Win one of 15 packs of BrexLink USB Type-C cables and adapters [US]

USB Type-C is the way of the future, and the new port can already be found in a vast array of laptops, phones, tablets, and other devices. But if you're like me, you probably have a ton of microUSB cables collected over the years, but hardly any Type-C cables. If that sounds familiar, you're in luck, because we've partnered with BrexLink to giveaway 15 packs of the company's Type-C USB 3.0 cables and Type-C to microUSB adapters.

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Silicon Power's C50 USB drive has USB-C, USB-A, and microUSB all in one device

We live in interesting times. As the USB Type-C standard slowly spreads, we're left with three different USB ports in operation. There's USB-C, USB-A, and microUSB, but no longer will you need different flash drives for all those devices. A company called Silicon Power has announced a flash drive that has all three connectors, and it doesn't look as awkward as you'd expect.

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[Deal Alert] Top Greener USB-C and USB-A wall outlet just $23.96 at Amazon ($4.73 off)

Some of you might remember back in March when we took a quick look at the Top Greener USB-C wall outlet. Well, late yesterday the price over at Amazon hit an all-time low. If the idea of being able to plug your devices into a 2.4A USB-A and 3A USB-C compatible wall outlet sounds appealing, for precisely $23.96, the experience can be yours.

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[Deal Alert] Satechi USB-C power meter on sale for $22.95 ($7 off) via Amazon

Most new phones come with USB type-C ports these days, and that has brought with it a number of different fast charging standards. It can be hard to know if a particular cable will fast charge a given phone, but the Satechi USB-C power meter takes the guess work out. This neat little gadget is on sale right now for $22.95, which is $7 off the regular price.

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[Deal Alert] Today's Amazon Goldbox includes deals on SanDisk microSD cards, Type-C flash drives, and more

Having more storage is never a bad thing, but that doesn't mean you should buy it on a whim. It's smarter to wait for a big sale, like we have today on Amazon Goldbox. A variety of SanDisk cards and flash drives are on sale for up to 71% off.

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[Deal Alert] Get a 3.3ft USB-C cable from Veckle for $14 with a coupon code

USB Type-C cables can be expensive, especially if you're trying to find one that won't fry your gadgets. If you're short on them at the moment, we've got just the deal for you. One of Veckle's Type-C to Type-C cables is just $14 on Amazon ($3 off the usual price), once you apply a coupon code at checkout.

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[Deal Alert] Benson-approved 9ft USB-C AmazonBasics cables are $7.99 (20% off), 6ft 15% off

USB Type-C cables can get pretty expensive, but if you don't need the fast transfer speeds of USB 3.0/3.1, Amazon's own AmazonBasics cables are a good option. In fact, they're an even better option right now, because they're on sale. Now you can get the 9ft Type C cable for $7.99 (20%) and the 6ft for $6.79 (15% off).

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Buy this Benson-approved, USB-IF certified Type-C to C cable with 10Gbps transfer support and 100W max power

Buying a USB Type-C cable is a lot more complicated than buying microUSB cables used to be. There are various subtle differences in the spec, and a bad cable can even damage your devices. This has led Google engineer Benson Leung to review Type-C accessories in order to draw attention to the ones you shouldn't buy. The latest cable to get Benson's thumbs up is the USB 3.1 Type-C cable from Veckle (formerly iOrange-E).

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Satechi USB Type-C Power Meter hands-on: It's a power meter that tells you things (+20% off coupon)

I admit that we're all pretty nerdy here at AP and we obsess over things that most people don't even consider. But we do it for all of you. One thing that some of us, especially Artem, want to know is how fast a particular charger/cable combination charges. Power meters were designed just for people like us, but I am here to show you what the folks at Satechi have cooked up.

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Top Greener wall outlet can fast-charge your Pixel with an included Type-C port

The transition to USB Type-C hasn't been as smooth as we all would have hoped. There were a number of bad cables early on, and there are still different versions of fast charging that require the right cables and wall adapters. You can simplify the process a little with a Type-C wall outlet like the one available from Top Greener. We tested this device to make sure it performs as intended, and indeed it does. This outlet will fast-charge your Pixel (or other USB-PD devices).

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