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Hands-On With The Tylt VU Solo: It's A VU, Only Smaller

One of my favorite innovations that has started to become more mainstream over the past several years is wireless charging. I'm bummed that every phone doesn't have it at this point (looking at you, Motorola - the Moto X should've been qi-compatible!), because it's easily one of the most convenient changes of all time. OK, maybe that's a little hyperbolic...but really, I do love it.

When it comes to wireless charging, my go-to charger has been the Tylt VU for as long as I can remember. The angle is great, it's super easy to use, and it's large enough to charge basically everything I own that has wireless charging.

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We're Giving Away Five TYLT VÜ Wireless Charging Car Mounts Because They're Awesome

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It's no secret that TYLT makes one of the best wireless Qi charging pads on the market, but did you know they did a car mount (or rather, will be doing - it's not out quite yet)?

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TYLT Announces The VU Car Charger For Wireless Charging On The Go [Hands-On]

I dig my TYLT VU, and it's how I charge my Nexus 5 basically every night. Like most users who get used to never having to plug in their phone, I get slightly annoyed when I have to search for the cable and stab the microUSB port for a dose of juice. Typically, this only happens in the car, because I've been using a standard car charger for what seems like an eternity. Till now, anyway.


Today, TYLT is announcing the VU Car Charger, the company's first Qi-compatible wireless charger for the vehicle. I've been using it for the last week or so, and I already can't see myself going back to a traditional charger.

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[Deal Alert] Tylt Offering 50% Off Its Selection Of Chargers, Cables, And More With Coupon Code (Up To $100 Limit)

If you're in the market for some stylish new accessories, Tylt has a Cyber Monday deal for you. The company is offering a whopping 50% off everything it sells, including the VU wireless charger. However, there have been some issues with stability as the site gets hammered today, so you can also submit your email to be issued a 50% off voucher for use in the future.

VU_Red_Front VU-untitled-3-Edit ENERGI-Plus-Bag-3qtr-front-face-lft

Tylt has a healthy assortment of cables, external batteries, cases, and other stuff. It's a bit more expensive than competing gear, but that's why the 50% off deal is so cool. The VU charger is admittedly pretty neat, but costs $70.

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