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Twitter is adding voice recording tweets to the official app

Twitter started with a mere 140 characters per tweet—barely enough to work yourself into a lather. Little by little, Twitter has expanded the capacity of tweets by exempting images and boosting the character count to 280. Now, Twitter is expanding into spoken words. The iOS app will soon have support for recording your voice, and it will automatically run into multiple tweets.

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Twitter would love it if you actually read some of the stuff you retweet

Twitter is rolling out a new feature that should help promote a more informed discussion on its platform. A new prompt is being tested on Twitter for Android that asks if you'd like to actually read the article you're about to retweet if you haven't actually opened it in the app.

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You can now customize Twitter lists on Android, hide their content from your main timeline (APK download)

Twitter lists are a great way to silo content you find on the social network into small, easy-to-digest chunks, all while avoiding missing out on important tweets from accounts and people you care about. Now, lists are becoming more customizable on Android and, as a bonus, you can hide these lists' content from your main timeline.

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Twitter wants to overhaul its blue checkmark verification process

Twitter has quite a troublesome history with verified accounts. For a long time, it's been unclear when an account qualifies to get the blue checkmark, and following controversy over verified white supremacists in 2017, the company essentially halted the program, promising to revamp it in the future. It looks like that time is about to come, as app sleuth Jane Manchun Wong spotted some code on the Twitter website pointing to a "Request verification" option in Settings.

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Trump executive order targets social platforms for 'editorial conduct' in moderation

U.S. President Donald Trump will reportedly sign an executive order as early as today that would modify Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act — a critical law that protects online platforms that moderate or censor offensive content from charges such as libel and First Amendment violations. The order appears tailored to hurt the largest platforms like Facebook and Twitter the most.

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The Twitter web app now lets you save drafts and schedule tweets

Twitter is making it easier to manage your tweets and replies before you're ready to send them out. The company has announced that its web app now supports saving drafts and scheduling tweets for a later time, something that's only been available through third-party services or Twitter for Business earlier.

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Twitter is rolling out separate 'Retweets with comments' tabbed UI on Android

Twitter is testing a new way of showing users how each tweet has been shared, according to app sleuth Jane Manchun Wong. Right now, if a post has been retweeted, there's a counter showing how many times. What Twitter appears to be toying with is adding a separate counter for retweets that have comments attached to them, as well as a tabbed UI for easily switching between counters once you've open them up. These changes are already live in the iOS version of the app, so it was a matter of time before Android caught up.

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Twitter is trying out new settings for who's allowed to reply to your tweets

People online can sometimes be a little less civil than they would be in person, which is probably why Twitter is now experimenting with some settings to restrict who can reply to your tweets. Assuming your profile isn't set to private, people will still be able to see, like, and retweet (with and without comments).

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Twitter is testing custom in-app notifications for replies and DMs

Twitter is working on floating notifications for replies and direct messages that pop up at the top of your screen when you scroll through the app. While the cards have a custom blue-ish tone to them, they don't add any extra functionality like those provided by Android itself do, such as "reply," "mute," "like," etc. Instead, they replace system notifications altogether when they pop up, so depending on your workflow, this might be the greatest thing ever or the worst possible decision.

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It sure looks like Google's head of hardware just tweeted from a Pixel 4a

Google's hardware czar, Rick Osterloh, has walked an entire Earth diameter while wearing a Fitbit. We know this because he was good enough to share a screenshot of the "Earth" badge on Twitter today. We don't care very much about Osterloh's fitness goals (good for him, though). What we do care about is that the screenshot in question was almost certainly taken on the Pixel 4a.

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