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Google issues joint statement with Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, and Reddit, pledging to fight coronavirus misinformation

Today several of the bigger technology and social media companies, including Google, Facebook, Reddit, Microsoft, and Twitter, issued a joint industry statement regarding their response to the coronavirus. All of the companies are committed to "combating fraud and misinformation."

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Twitter is testing its own version of Stories called 'Fleets'

The internet is good for a lot of things like sharing photos, keeping in contact with distant relations, and preserving that dumb thing you said five years ago so it can come back to haunt you later. According to Twitter, that last part might keep people from tweeting as often as they'd like, so it's testing a feature called "Fleets" in Brazil. Fleets are basically Twitter's version of Snapchat Stories.

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Twitter rolls out tabbed home UI for faster access to up to five of your favorite lists (Update: Wide rollout)

Your Twitter timeline is likely a cacophony of voices and topics. The more you scroll the more you have to exercise brain gymnastics to understand the context and meaning of each tweet. Custom lists help you narrow down that overwhelming timeline into a more palatable, less crowded list of tweets which are closer in scope. Twitter is now simplifying access to these custom lists: By pinning them, you'll transform the app's homescreen into a swipeable tabbed interface with your lists right next to your main timeline.

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Twitter leak shows how volunteer fact-checking process could work

With political and societal upheaval seemingly on the daily global agenda, information and misinformation travels fast and one of the most prominent platforms where that occurs is Twitter. Where it was previously hesitant to install fact-checking guardrails to reduce the impact of intellectually harmful content, the company recently began labeling certain videos posted to tweets as deceptively manipulated. Soon, according to a leaked demonstration, it could take another step.

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Ahead of US elections, Twitter will start labeling manipulated videos to combat misinformation

Social networks have proven to be breeding grounds for the spread of misinformation campaigns, especially in the months and weeks leading up to major elections. Over the last few years, in particular, the issues have been getting worse. With the 2020 US elections inching closer, Twitter has decided to introduce a new policy to combat these problems by labeling and removing deceptive and manipulated media on its platform starting March 5.

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TweetCaster stops working entirely, developer says Twitter broke it (Update: Back in action)

TweetCaster is one of the oldest third-party Twitter apps available on Android, as it was originally published in 2010. However, the app hasn't been updated in over a year, and now it can't connect to Twitter at all.

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Google now offers Android support on Twitter via #AndroidHelp hashtag

Who can you go to when your phone starts misbehaving? Most people would pester the device maker or carrier, but maybe Google could be of some assistance. The official Android Twitter account now promises to answer questions on the social network tagged with #AndroidHelp. Naturally, people are using it to complain about updates.

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Twitter patches crash-prone Android app (Updated)

Twitter has had a long night after releasing a bugged-out update for its Android app. We have the details on that small saga as well as a fix that's rolling out right now.

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Twitter testing 'continue thread' option to keep your last tweetstorm rolling

Twitter, the microblogging platform that rose to social media fame in 2006, is known for testing out features with controlled groups of users before pushing them out to the public at large. Just this year, the app tried out conversation subscriptions and followable topics, neither of which have been rolled out en masse just yet. Now it appears Twitter is testing another small feature that allows some users to quickly continue a previous conversation thread from within the main tweet composer.

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Twitter will begin deleting inactive accounts next month (Update: Further clarification)

Your Twitter follower count might take a nosedive next month. That's when the company says it will begin a purge of inactive accounts, ostensibly because it needs people to agree to its new privacy policy. However, it will have the added benefit of freeing up usernames.

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