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Twitter Lite v2.0 adds image saving, push notifications, and more [APK Download]

Twitter's alternate app for developing nations with limited cellular connections (or those looking for a lighter or data-saving experience) just got bumped to v2.0. In this update, Twitter Lite is getting a crucial feature with push notifications as well as some other important stuff.

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Twitter Lite app is coming to 24 more countries via the Play Store

Twitter Lite was first introduced around eight months ago as a Progressive Web App, but it turned it into an Android application and published it on the Play Store for users in the Philippines back in September. Now an additional 24 countries will also be able to download it through the Play Store, even though the app is functionally identical to the PWA.

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[Update: APK Download] Twitter Lite arrives in the Play Store, but only for the Philippines

Twitter Lite was released in March as a Progressive Web App. Not only was it a significant upgrade over the previous mobile Twitter site, but it included almost all the functionality of the native app (including push notifications). In fact, it earned a spot in our best Twitter clients list a few months ago.

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Comparing the best Twitter clients for Android (2017 edition)

For the longest time, the Twitter Android app just wasn't very good. Sure it was functional, but it was clear that Twitter was focusing more on its iOS client. Third-party clients were, for that time period, the absolute best way to use Twitter on Android devices. Even though the official app has improved drastically over the past year or so, especially with the Material makeover, there are still plenty of excellent alternative clients.

Many Twitter clients have been abandoned after hitting the API token limit, and since it can be hard to keep track of which apps are still in active development, I figure a comparison might be a good idea.

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Twitter Lite is a new mobile Twitter web experience built with slow networks in mind

Twitter is launching a new mobile Twitter experience built as a Progressive Web App. Google has been touting PWA for many months, culminating in the latest announcement that they would behave like native apps, which is exactly what Twitter Lite is built around.

Lite is a browser "app" meaning it doesn't need to be downloaded on your phone, it's just easily accessible at, with additional features available only to compatible browsers on Android. The aim is for the page to be light, load quickly, and consume little data so that it's fast and responsive even on slow 2G connections. There's also a more extreme data saver mode that only previews images and videos in a blurry state to reduce consumption and let you choose specifically which ones you want to load.

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