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Flamingo Is A Beta Material Design Twitter Client From The Maker Of Weather Timeline

There's no shortage of Twitter clients for Android, even if Twitter itself keeps trying to kill them and then back out of it. The latest comes from Sam Ruston, the developer of Weather Timeline, which has been praised both by Android Police and the higher powers at Google itself. Flamingo is a standard Twitter client that almost slavishly follows the Material Design guidelines. It's available in the Play Store for a dollar with no in-app purchases.

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Now That Twitter Has Murdered Fenix, Finch Is A Decent (And Free) Alternative Third-Party Client For Android

So, Twitter. Hi. It's been a while. Are you people still completely screwing both the developers and the users that helped to make your platform a household name? Yeah? I kind of thought you'd get your heads out of your asses at this point, but I guess not. Since your stupid, stupid, stupid policies have killed yet another quality Twitter app for Android, ostensibly so you can continue to push your entirely mediocre first-party solution, it's time for us to look for another one.

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Falcon Pro Developer Joaquim Vergès Joins Twitter To Improve Its First-Party App

Right now we're hearing about off-season trades and commitments for pro sports like the NFL, NBA, and NHL. A similar phenomenon has happened in the somewhat smaller world of Twitter clients for Android. Joaquim Vergès, the well-known developer of the Falcon Pro Twitter client, has been hired by Twitter itself. According to a series of tweets posted Friday afternoon, Vergès says that he's been hired specifically to work with the "Android core UI team."

Falcon Pro has won fans for being a full-featured Android client that outshines the first-party app in basically every respect, from interface to performance, even to supporting the built-in features of the Twitter platform itself.

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Talon For Twitter Update Adds The New Embedded Retweet Feature Before The Official App

Twitter has been giving Android users the cold shoulder repeatedly over the last few weeks: first with the new Periscope app, then with improved Vine video quality, and finally with the new embedded retweet format. All three came to iOS first and are only "coming soon" to Android. Developer Jacob Klinker ain't havin' none of that: the new retweet format is now active in the popular Talon for Twitter client, well before the feature has been rolled out to the official Twitter app.

The old retweet formula re-broadcasted an entire tweet into your timeline with the little retweet badge.

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Plume For Twitter Gets A Few Material Design Flourishes In The Latest Beta Update

Plume is one of the more long-standing "power user" options for Twitter on Android, thanks to a ton of built-in features, a customizable scrolling widget, and solid notification support. It's also one of the better apps in terms of visuals, even before the latest update. But the new beta available on Plume's Google+ community brings the app into the Android 5.0 era with some noticeable changes to the app's visual layout.

Screenshot_2014-11-27-15-25-52 Screenshot_2014-11-27-15-26-03 Screenshot_2014-11-27-15-26-37

New above, old below.

Screenshot_2014-11-27-14-50-14 Screenshot_2014-11-27-14-50-26 Screenshot_2014-11-27-14-50-52

The flat colors and high-contrast visual elements are immediately apparent, as is the floating "compose" button at the bottom of the main Twitter window.

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Talon For Twitter (Plus) With Material Design UI Now Available For Android 5.0 Devices

Update: the original Talon for Twitter has reached its token limit, making it impossible for new users to sign in. It has been removed from the Play Store and the source code has been published.


Before we start, let's get something out of the way: Talon For Twitter developer Luke Klinker has elected to separate the Android 5.0 version of the app from the previous version. Owners of Talon won't be getting Talon For Twitter (Plus) unless they pay for it. Some people are upset about that, though the older version will continue to be updated and compatible with newer releases of Android.

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Talon's 2.6 Update Flies In With A New Icon, Compose Window, Font Option, Themes, And More

Talon updates often come with big changelogs, and version 2.6 is no exception. Klinker Apps has managed to cram quite a bit of enhancements into this release. The top items concern changes to the appearance, such as a new app icon, a tweaked compose window, and two downloadable open source themes inspired by the "L" preview version of Talon. These are joined by an "L" Roboto font option under settings that, unlike the themes, doesn't require installing anything extra.


Screenshot_2014-08-04-14-08-10 Screenshot_2014-08-04-14-07-25 Screenshot_2014-08-04-14-34-04

The changes aren't all visual. On the functionality side of things, users can now post tweets with GIFs and upload multiple images at once.

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[App Roundup] Our Top Seven Picks For The Best New Apps Of April 2014

April was a big month for Android apps, especially if you like yours to come directly from Google. We've also got admirable entries from big web names like Dropbox and IFTTT, as well as surprising applications from smaller developers. This is the cream of the crop of Android apps for last month, plus a few honorable mentions, in no particular order.


Google Camera

Good grief, Google, you guys took your sweet time with this one. But good things come to those who wait, and while this isn't exactly an AOSP camera, it's the new Android standard. While the Google Camera app isn't dramatically better than the apps that come from the manufacturers, it does have some rather unique properties.

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[Hands-On] Fenix Is A Promising New Twitter Client With Lots Of #HOLOYOLO

Getting too invested in a new Twitter client can be risky these days. There's always the possibility that it won't be updated with the features you want, or bugs might not get squashed to your liking. It may also be awesome and run through its 100k Twitter tokens before being abandoned. Well, Fenix for Twitter might be at least worth taking a risk on. This new app seems to get a lot of things right, and it's only a 1.0 release.

2014-04-17 15.38.17 2014-04-17 15.38.41 2014-04-17 15.53.56

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Twitter Client Talon Updated To v1.3 With TwitPic Support, Improved Searches, URL Shortening, And Tons More

Talon debuted just a few weeks ago and has already become one of the best Twitter clients available on Android. There is even a beta program where the developer is testing out new features with frequent updates. Now that the bugs have been worked out in the beta, version 1.3 has gone live for everyone, and it's packing plenty of new features and improvements.

2014-02-05 03.03.38 2014-02-05 03.06.00 2014-02-05 03.07.09

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