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Twitter is testing custom in-app notifications for replies and DMs

Twitter is working on floating notifications for replies and direct messages that pop up at the top of your screen when you scroll through the app. While the cards have a custom blue-ish tone to them, they don't add any extra functionality like those provided by Android itself do, such as "reply," "mute," "like," etc. Instead, they replace system notifications altogether when they pop up, so depending on your workflow, this might be the greatest thing ever or the worst possible decision.

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Twitter trying new share button on Android in server-side test

Twitter is no stranger to server-side tests, and now the company appears to have another in the wings. AP's own Artem noticed a bit of a tweak in Twitter for Android in recent days, with a new three-dot share button appearing at the bottom of tweets. All the sharing options previously present in the arrow menu to a tweet's top right have been relocated to this button, and the previous "send privately" option is now gone. 

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Twitter beta redesigns the night mode toggle and QR barcode scanner

According to our frequent tipster Gurkanwal Singh, Twitter beta 7.12 has started showing a new night mode toggle and QR code icon. If you might remember, Twitter's night mode used to have a proper toggle in the side menu and the QR code display and scanner was hidden under the overflow menu when viewing your profile. The latter was really difficult to get to and nowhere regular users would guess.

Now, both have moved to the bottom of the side menu, under the Help center. They're simple icons with a crescent moon for night mode and a QR icon for the code scanner.

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Twitter is testing live counters for retweets, likes, and replies on Twitter Beta

Twitter changes the user interface almost constantly on its beta app - I suppose that's to be expected. The latest new feature in testing is a live counter for likes, retweets, and replies on each tweet. The counter appears to update roughly once a second.

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Twitter starts showing a Night Mode toggle on Android

About a month ago, some Twitter users started spotting a night mode in their Twitter app that transformed the entire interface into a dark blue shade. The change was triggered server-side, meaning it showed up inconsistently across different Twitter beta and alpha versions, but it didn't seem like there was a way to revert it back to a light theme on request.

Now, more users are reporting this dark theme, except Twitter seems to have introduced a specific toggle in the app's drawer for Night mode. When it's on, the app's interface will switch completely to that dark shade of blue and when it's off, you're back to Twitter's famous white look.

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Twitter Launches Official Play Store Beta - Sign Up Now To Get New Features Before Anyone Else

A number of social apps have turned to the Play Store to manage their betas. We've already seen Facebook and Snapchat launch official beta versions to anyone who signs up for the privilege, and now Twitter is doing the same. If you've signed up for either of the other programs, the routine should feel pretty familiar. The experimental build will replace the current Twitter app on your phone, unlike the Chrome beta that can exist side-by-side with the stable release. Those who opt in will be greeted by a notification when the next build is ready. As this is a beta release, some features may never appear in the stable version, and some instability may appear that could eat your cat or infect your bed with bed bugs.

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