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Stay of execution: Twitter is indefinitely delaying its plans to break 3rd party apps

Twitter has become openly hostile to third-party apps over the past few years, to push users to its own applications. Many features have never been available to third-party apps, like group DMs, polls, and Moments. The company also introduced a token limit a few years ago, causing popular clients to suddenly stop working (like Flamingo).

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Comparing the best Twitter clients for Android (2017 edition)

For the longest time, the Twitter Android app just wasn't very good. Sure it was functional, but it was clear that Twitter was focusing more on its iOS client. Third-party clients were, for that time period, the absolute best way to use Twitter on Android devices. Even though the official app has improved drastically over the past year or so, especially with the Material makeover, there are still plenty of excellent alternative clients.

Many Twitter clients have been abandoned after hitting the API token limit, and since it can be hard to keep track of which apps are still in active development, I figure a comparison might be a good idea.

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Twitter 7.0 is official with a new rounded UI, live reply/retweet/reply counters, and more

Back in May, the Alpha Twitter app received an updated interface that looked more rounded, with new icons and buttons in tow. Then it reached the Beta branch, with a few more changes. Despite Twitter 7.0 going live a few days ago, the UI changes were part of a server-side update that is rolling out to all users starting today.

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Twitter gets a dedicated Android TV app for streaming football (and maybe some other videos too)

As nice as it is to get a new Android TV app from a large web property (and also rare, natch), one might reasonably wonder what Twitter is doing on a platform almost exclusively dedicated to streaming video. The answer is, of course, streaming video: Twitter has a lucrative deal with the NFL to stream some but not all of this season's Thursday Night Football games for free on the service. This app would have been a lot more useful before we got 10 weeks into a 17-week season, but hey, gift horses and whatnot.

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Falcon Pro Developer Joaquim Vergès Joins Twitter To Improve Its First-Party App

Right now we're hearing about off-season trades and commitments for pro sports like the NFL, NBA, and NHL. A similar phenomenon has happened in the somewhat smaller world of Twitter clients for Android. Joaquim Vergès, the well-known developer of the Falcon Pro Twitter client, has been hired by Twitter itself. According to a series of tweets posted Friday afternoon, Vergès says that he's been hired specifically to work with the "Android core UI team."

Falcon Pro has won fans for being a full-featured Android client that outshines the first-party app in basically every respect, from interface to performance, even to supporting the built-in features of the Twitter platform itself.

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Carbon For Twitter Gets Embedded Retweets, GIF And Multiple Image Support, And Much More In Version 2.4


Quick Twitter Beta App Update Adds Support For Android L And Heads-Up Notifications

Let's be clear about this: developers don't have any kind of obligation to update their apps for the Android L preview release. It's a preview - by definition, it's not ready for prime time, and developers shouldn't have to immediately treat it like consumer software. That said, it's nice to see that some have already begun to prepare for the full Android L release later this year. Even relatively large players like Twitter are getting in on the action.

Screenshot_2014-06-27-19-59-59 Screenshot_2014-06-27-20-01-21 (1) Screenshot_2014-06-28-13-08-09

The primary Twitter app available on the Play Store is currently crashing when installed on Android L preview releases. But the beta build, available via the Google Groups program, has been given a speedy update just a few days after the release of Android L at Google I/O.

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[App Roundup] Our Top Seven Picks For The Best New Apps Of January 2014

January is generally held as a gloomy month, a time when there's nothing but slush on the ground and crap in the movie theaters. But it gave us more than a few fine apps, which you should take the opportunity to peruse. If you don't feel like meticulously combing through our massive bi-weekly app roundups, we've gathered the best of the best right here. Dig in, why don't you?



12Hours is one of those ideas that's so brilliantly simple you wonder why no one has done it already. The basic idea is an analog clock (the one you had to learn in first grade) with color-coded sections indicating the upcoming events on your calendar.

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Twitter App Update Adds More Crop Options, Reminders To Tag Your Friends, And Featured Tweets On Refresh

If you use the official Twitter app for Android... dear God, why are you using the official Twitter app for Android? Stop reading this story and go download a better client. If you simply can't be torn away from mediocrity, you'll find a few new options the next time you update Twitter in the Play Store. Chief among them is a new crop tool, with easy shortcuts to Square ("Instagram mode"), Wide, and Original.

2014-01-28 01.24.27 2014-01-28 01.24.37 2014-01-28 01.24.52

According to Twitter's blog post on the update, you should see reminders to @reply friends before you post, which didn't happen for me (maybe you need photos of people).

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[Hands-On] Talon Is A New, Feature-Rich Twitter Client With Support For KitKat's Translucent System Bars

Talon is the latest third-party Twitter client to fly into the Play Store, and while the competition may be fierce, there's always room for something new to claw its way in and do things a different way. This particular offering comes to us from Klinker Apps, the makers of Sliding Messaging, and prides itself on having superb KitKat integration. This means users fortunate enough to have Android 4.4 can enjoy a Twitter feed that rolls under translucent system bars, functionality that Google introduced in the latest version of the OS that has yet to make its way into many apps.

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