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Watch the final Android Police Q&A show on Twitch

We've been doing a weekly Q&A show on Twitch for a while now, where we hang out with readers and discuss recent news in technology in a more laid-back fashion than the podcast. However, all good things must come to an end, and this will be the last Q&A show. That doesn't mean we won't have fun, though!

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[Update: Stable release] Twitch app gets new coat of paint in v8 beta release

I can't think of any complaint I've ever had with the Twitch Android app, but Twitch isn't resting on its laurels. A beta for the 8.0 update is now available on Google Play with a refreshed design and other minor changes.

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Android Police a Twitch affiliate, Amazon Prime subscribers can support us for free

We launched a Twitch channel last year as the new home of the Android Police Podcast. Since then, we've also launched a second weekly show, where we answer questions and discuss topics with live viewers. The Twitch channel is an affiliate, meaning you can support our live content with Twitch subscriptions - at no cost to yourself, if you have Amazon Prime.

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Forget the yule log: Watch our Nexus 5X bootloop all day for some holiday cheer

The holiday season is in full swing, and this year, we have something special for you. Forget the yule log fireplace videos, the marathons of 1983's A Christmas Story on TV, and the holiday music radio stations on Spotify. Today, we have the perfect festive livestream for you to keep running in the background — a Nexus 5X repeatedly bootlooping.

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An update on the Android Police Podcast and our Twitch channel

The Android Police Podcast has been running semi-regularly since 2012, but earlier this year we implemented some changes. Previously, the live streams were only available on the AP Podcast YouTube channel, with audio versions hosted on SoundCloud (and available through Play Music/iTunes/Pocket Casts/etc.).

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Android Police is now on Twitch

The Android Police Podcast has been running semi-regularly since 2012, with most of those episodes being recorded live on the AP Podcast YouTube channel. However, as some of you may know, Twitch is becoming an increasingly popular platform for talk shows and podcasts. As such, we have set up a channel at!

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Twitch Extension support comes to Android [APK Download]

Twitch, the most popular streaming platform in the world, announced that Extensions, audience interaction elements that streamers can add to their streams, are available on the Android and iOS apps. Released six months ago for desktop, Extensions have drawn in 1.5 billion uses by viewers and have improved the overall watching experience for many.

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[Update: Now available in the Play Store] Game Live from Samsung will live stream your screen to Facebook, Twitch, or Youtube

Samsung gets a lot of stick for what's perceived as bloatware on its devices, even if that situation has improved somewhat in recent years. With that, it's easy to forget that the Korean company does actually produce some really useful software, as evidenced by a new app that's aimed at mobile gamers. Samsung Game Live will allow users to live stream their gaming prowess to various other services.

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[Deal Alert] Amazon has pre-Prime Day deals on Kindle Unlimited (up to 40% off) and Music Unlimited subscriptions (96% off)

This July 11th marks the third annual Prime Day. While that date is still a while off, Amazon has rolled out a few deals early. So if you are a Prime subscriber, you can pick up a two-year subscription to Kindle Unlimited for $143.86 (40% off), or get a four month Music Unlimited subscription for just $1 (96% off) if you are a new subscriber. 

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Twitch app updated with new UI, mobile streaming, and more [APK Download]

The Twitch Android app has always been good enough for watching streams, but now it's even better. Earlier today, Twitch announced a major new update for the Android and iOS apps, with a brand new interface and a few notable new features. Twitch says the new app should be available to everyone by early July, but we have the APK, because ain't nobody got time for dat.

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