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Twitter gives users new settings for who's allowed to reply to your tweets

People online can sometimes be a little less civil than they would be in person, which is probably why Twitter is now introducing settings to restrict who can reply to your tweets. Assuming your profile isn't set to private, people will still be able to see, like, and retweet (with and without comments).

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[Update: Actually still in testing] Twitter lets you know when the original poster replies to a thread

In lengthy and popular Twitter threads, it can be useful to identify when the person who initially started the conversation replies to someone. Twitter seems to be testing a new feature in its Android app that lets you quickly identify just that.

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😮 All emoji on Twitter now count for only two characters

In the biggest change the platform has seen since the switch to 280 characters, Twitter has changed the way it counts characters for emoji. Previously, some emoji — like those with additionally defined gender or skin tone — counted as more characters than others, due to the method of their encoding. But as of now, all emoji will be counted equally as two characters.

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OnePlus confirms ‘OnePlus 6’ name for next phone, opens forum for it

By all appearances, OnePlus' repeated presence in the news seems to indicate that it is gearing up to launch its next phone. The company has just added a bit more fuel to the fire, too, with a Twitter teaser telling us all to "6et ready," while simultaneously opening the gates to the new OnePlus 6 forum. We were already reasonably sure before, but this probably confirms the "OnePlus 6" name.

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Google serves 'Android Burger' for lunch in company cafeteria, stays true to its emoji and keeps the cheese below the patty

Last week, a tweet from a Danish media analyst contrasting Google and Apple's hamburger emoji designs set the internet ablaze. Google's take on the emoji, which places the cheese below the patty, drew the ire of many. Less than 12 hours later, Google CEO Sundar Pichai responded, reassuring everyone that the company would address the matter immediately. While the world waits to see whether Google changes (some would say, corrects) the architecture of its Android hamburger emoji, there is one update to share: Googlers were served "Android Burgers" on Friday – and, yes, the cheese was kept below the beef patty.

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Twitter is testing a new 280 character limit, allowing crazies to ramble on for twice as long

One of the biggest complaints and simultaneous strengths of Twitter is the platform's forced brevity. Whatever you want to say, you only have 140 characters in which to say it. That restriction makes you seriously sit and think about the content of your message. Like it or hate it, now Twitter is testing a larger 280 character limit with a small select group. 

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Verizon PR exec tweets insensitive post-hurricane message targeting T-Mobile, deletes it after outrage

When you think of cheeky executives in the mobile communication business, your mind probably goes to T-Mobile's John Legere. Whether you love Legere's antics or not, it's hard to deny that he's turned T-Mobile around and made it into a major player. A recent tweet from Verizon executive Jeffrey Nelson shows that he wants a piece of the action; unfortunately, he chose to be brash towards T-Mobile (and other carriers) in the worst possible way at the worst possible time.

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HTC Fires Shots At The Galaxy S5 Announcement, Fails To Pay Attention To Details

Shots fired! Shortly after the announcement of Samsung's Galaxy S5, HTC tweeted a message for Samsung fans that cockily hinted, of course, at the upcoming next-gen One refresh, scheduled for March 25:


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HTC Gives Clarity To Update Schedule - 4.4 KitKat Coming To Droid DNA By End Of Q1, HTC One By End Of January

In a series of tweets earlier, HTC offered some insight into the status of updates coming to the DNA and One, hopefully giving some comfort to owners of the respective devices, though updates can never come soon enough for many.

First, HTC addressed concerns over the update to 4.3 for One owners on Verizon, indicating that getting the update cleared with good old VZW would be "a two step process," involving an update for compatibility, and the actual 4.3 update in December.

The above was quickly followed with a clarification that the update's delay would not put the One's 4.4 KitKat update off track - HTC assured gentle tweeters that the update would still be delivered by the end of January 2014.

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HTC Has Delivered Google Play Edition KitKat Code To Google, OTA Update Could Arrive Any Day Now

HTC hasn't been sitting on its hands lately. The company announced when KitKat was unveiled that all HTC One variants in the US would receive the latest version within 90 days. In the case of the Google Play Edition, the update would come in just 15. Here we are at day 15, and HTC has publically stated that KitKat's arrival time is entirely in Google's hands now. According to a tweet sent out earlier today, everything is done on their end.

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