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YouTube TV is getting more channels, new markets, and a price increase

Google is preparing a big expansion of YouTube TV content, but it doesn't want you to know that yet. Buzzfeed News accidentally let the news go live early, and the internet took note before it could update the post. So, you can expect Google to announce a raft of new channels tomorrow, February 14th. The price of the service is also going up next month, but only for new subscribers.

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[Update: 1st gen Chromecast unsupported] The first Google Home visualization is live - see the weather on your Chromecast

We've been able to ask Google Assistant for information about the local weather for a long time, and your Chromecast's home screen has shown the current temperature along with a weather icon. But if you wanted to check out your upcoming weather, the only option was to "OK Google" yourself a forecast while you sit and listen through it. Back at I/O, Google announced upcoming contextual visual responses for the Google Home/Assistant and Chromecast, and now at least one of the features they showed off is here. You can now ask your Google Home to show you the weather on your Chromecast.

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BBC America launches new catch up app for Android TV [APK Download]

Here in the UK, you get used to the convenience of catching up on any BBC show using the fantastic iPlayer app. It hasn't been so easy for Stateside users, even though the BBC iPlayer Radio app is available outside the UK. BBC America has just released its very own app, so US viewers can get some of the same benefits as we do this side of the Atlantic.

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Google Assistant can now look up TV schedules


YouTube TV is now live for both Rokus and Apple TVs

YouTube TV looks like a pretty sweet deal for those in supported markets. But, there are a few drawbacks. Most notable among them used to be device support, popular set-top streaming devices like Rokus and Apple TVs didn't have apps to support the service. If that was holding you back from being a YouTube TV subscriber, you should be happy to hear that Google just rolled out apps for each. 

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Amazon adds Single-Sign-On feature to Fire TV devices in latest update

Signing into apps on your phone is annoying enough, but doing it on a TV is far worse. Amazon is rolling out a new feature in the latest Fire TV update called Single-Sign-On. As the name implies, once you've signed into a participating TV provider's app, you're automatically signed into all of them.

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T-Mobile completes purchase of Layer3 TV

Near the end of last year, T-Mobile announced that it was buying Layer3 TV, an online television provider. T-Mobile said that it wanted to "un-carrier" the TV industry by offering its own service, and purchasing Layer3 was the first step. T-Mobile's acquisition of Layer3 is now complete, according to a press release from today.

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Amazon is streaming 'The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel' for free from now until Monday night

Like Netflix, Amazon has taken to creating more than a few original series, the most famous of which include The Grand TourMozart in the Jungle, and The Man in the High Castle. One of the newest shows coming out of Amazon Studios is The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, which was released just over two months ago but has already won two Golden Globe Awards. To celebrate this, Amazon is making the show free to watch for several days, starting right now. It's too bad it's not watchable via Android TV.

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Dish set-top boxes will soon gain Google Assistant support

Google Assistant launched with just a few third-party product integrations, but the list has grown considerably since then. You can add Dish to that list soon. The satellite television provider has announced its set-top boxes will soon plug into Google Assistant on all your other devices. That means you can channel surf without touching the remote.

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Samsung shows off 2018 Family Hub fridge with Bixby and SmartThings, and 146-inch 'The Wall' TV at CES

Samsung unveiled its first Family Hub fridge back in 2016, and the concept of a 'smart refrigerator' hasn't become any less ridiculous since then. Still, the company made a sequel last year, so people must be buying them. The third-generation model was unveiled at CES, along with an insane 146-inch TV that Samsung calls 'The Wall.'

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