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Google Assistant is now live on DISH Hopper DVRs [Update]

DISH subscribers who lose their TV remote might not need to tear the living room apart looking for it anymore. The TV provider has just rolled out the previously announced Assistant support in its family of Hopper DVRs. That means you can shout at the TV, and it will actually do something.

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YouTube TV is down for many subscribers today, but Google says it has a fix

Looking to kick back and relax this Friday afternoon with some streaming TV courtesy of Google? Well, your plans might be on hold. We're getting multiple reports of YouTube TV outages. Streams are failing to load left and right, and some users can't even log in. Google says it is rolling out a fix so you should be back up and running soon if not already.

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Amazon Fire TV Cube with 4K playback, built-in Alexa, and IR control is now available for $119.99

Amazon's new Fire TV Cube, which was announced earlier this month, is now available for purchase and ready for shipping and delivery. The pre-order price of $89.99 is long gone, so you will have to fork out the full $119.99 if you want one. However, the deal on the bundle with the Amazon Cloud Cam is still available so you can save $40 by grabbing both for $199.98. Additionally, if you buy the Cube on or before July 1, you can redeem a $10 Prime Video credit before August 31.

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Starz is now available on YouTube TV for $9 a month


Google Play Movies & TV on Roku is getting an update with a new look, better browsing, and more

Google Play Movies & TV's Roku channel is getting a face lift. The new channel looks a little like YouTube's TV web wrapper, with content filling most of the screen and navigation on the left. "The entire experience has been redesigned to put the focus on content above all else," Google said in a blog post.

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Google is rolling out 'voice remote' in YouTube TV

Some Google apps get new features tied to updated versions, but others seem to spawn new things at random intervals when Google deems it appropriate. YouTube TV is one of the latter, and today's new feature is "voice remote." You don't need an app update, but you also can't access voice remote yet unless you are chosen by the Google.

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JBL LINK BAR is the first soundbar with Assistant and Android TV built in

I/O kicks off tomorrow, but Google isn't wasting time. Likely the first among many tantalizing announcements, both Google and JBL have partnered to create the first hybrid Assistant/Android TV device, the Link Bar. Not only is it a fully-featured Assistant speaker and soundbar, but it also gives users a complete Android TV experience.

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YouTube TV finally lets you choose between DVR and VOD versions of your saved content

Google advertises YouTube TV with unlimited cloud DVR storage space, but it's not like that matters. More often than not, YouTube TV swaps out your "recorded" shows for the video-on-demand (VOD) version with unskippable ads. It's easily the most annoying thing about YouTube TV, but that's finally starting to change. Some channels now let you choose between different versions of your saved content.

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Verizon launches its new Fios TV app, a better-looking version of its old FiOS Mobile app

I'm a fairly satisfied Verizon Fios customer with a basic internet and TV package. Sure, it helps that the man who installed our setup somehow gave us a handful of channels we weren't supposed to get (shh), but I've come to prefer it over any of the previous providers I've endured. But one thing I haven't taken advantage of yet is the Verizon FiOS Mobile app, probably because I'm still a bit scarred by visions of the atrocious bloatware defecating all over my phones when I was a Verizon Wireless customer. Well, Verizon has just released a new app for Fios TV customers simply called Fios TV.

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CNBC now available on Android TV