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JBL Link Bar orders delayed, likely won't ship this year

Android TVs and Home units have become the hallmark of a smart home powered by Google. We’ve seen a fair share of Android TV boxes from a variety of manufacturers, including the Nvidia Shield. For the most part, they offered the same features in slightly-different packages. But when Google announced the JBL Link Bar, we witnessed a different product entirely. Sadly, pre-orders for the Android soundbar have now been hit with delays.

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YouTube TV rolling out full DVR control on more channels

Google's YouTube TV offers a reasonably good value for streaming live TV. It has all your local stations, a fair number of cable networks, and several sports broadcasters. However, the unlimited cloud DVR has been artificially limited on many channels. Rather than the recorded version, some channels force you to watch VOD versions with ads. Today, YouTube TV will start opening up DVR options for more networks.

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Amazon's Fire TV Recast lets you watch and record over-the-air HDTV broadcasts

Amazon has various Fire TV boxes that stream video from the internet, but the Fire TV Recast is something new. This is a DVR tuner box for watching and saving video from OTA sources like Fox and NBC. However, the Recast doesn't have anything to do with displaying the video. For that, you need another piece of hardware.

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Xfinity Stream now lets you buy TV content in-app, download rentals

Comcast's Xfinity Stream app, one of the cable company's main plays for a digital audience, offers customers access to live TV and on demand content (plus DVR recordings, for X1 or Instant TV Cloud subscribers), from their Android, iOS or Amazon device. In the recent 5.0 update to the platform, the company added the ability to watch and download rentals to the app, as well as the option to rent and buy directly through the app. A few other upgrades came along with 5.0 as well, but so far the update hasn't stemmed the poor to middling reviews for the service.

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[Update: 4K, coming next year] OnePlus is working on a smart TV

OnePlus has never ventured outside of the smartphone market, though it came close to releasing a smartwatch. This is now changing, as OnePlus CEO Pete Lau has announced that a TV product is in development.

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Channel Master Stream+ Android TV DVR review: So much wasted potential

Some people are cord cutters — fed up with cable bills that seem to rise every month, hardware rental fees, and the unshakable sense that they aren't getting a ton of value for their entertainment buck. The just-under $150 Channel Master Stream+ and its ability to both stream online content and record free over-the-air broadcasts promises to keep them happy in a cable-free world. Does it deliver?

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Hulu updated with customizable live guide, DVR recording status, and more

Times are changing, and you don't need to go anywhere near your TV to watch TV programming anymore. Of all the streaming options, Hulu probably has the most up-to-date content as it's owned by studios. There's even a live TV service that competes with the likes of YouTube TV. The app has been a little light on features, but the latest update makes some noticeable improvements. However, it's mostly aimed at the live TV experience.

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YouTube TV adds its 100th service location with Kingsport-Johnson City-Bristol, Tennessee

YouTube TV started with only a few supported markets, but it's expanded rapidly. The latest service area is Kingsport-Johnson City-Bristol, Tennessee. With today's addition, Google's live TV service now has 100 service areas.

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How to turn off info sharing on TVs and set-top boxes with Google Assistant (non-Android TV devices only)

Google Assistant is currently baked into LG's 2018 ThinQ AI TV lineup and all generations of the DISH Hopper DVR set-top box. This means owners of these devices with Assistant built in can command their TV, call up information, manage tasks, control smart home devices, and more with the power of their voice. However, this also means you're granting Google and the device manufacturer access to some of your personal information. If you don't reckon that to be a worthwhile trade-off, there's a simple way to shut off access to this information on non-Android TV devices.

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Netflix 'Smart Downloads' feature will remove watched episodes and download the next one automatically

Netflix launched video downloads in 2016 after years of begging and pleading by subscribers. Unfortunately, a lot of content isn't available for download because of restrictions by rights holders, but Netflix is making downloads more convenient for the content that is supported. With the new Smart Downloads feature, the app can delete thing you've watched and grab the next episode automatically.

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