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Google Is Rolling Cast Support Out To Fiber TV Boxes

You know how you still don't have Google Fiber in your area, even after offering to relinquish your immortal soul to Google? Well, there's about to be yet another reason to be sad about that. Google is preparing to add Cast support to all existing Google Fiber TV boxes. However, there are some weird restrictions.

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Google Search Results Will Soon Display Live TV Listings

Years back, pressing the guide button on your remote and browse through TV listings was a luxury. It meant being able to see what was playing without channel surfing or purchasing a physical TV guide. But these days, the idea of scanning through even a digital guide strikes many of us as downright tedious.

We search online instead. And pretty soon, Google will start displaying live TV listings at the top of search results when you look for a show.

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[Deal Alert] eBay Has A Sharp 70-inch 4K Android TV For $1599.99 ($200 Off Retail Price)

While it's hardly taking the world by storm, it looks like Android TV is gaining enough of a footing that there are now high-end televisions equipped with Google's entertainment OS being discounted on a regular basis. (Of course, that might simply indicate that no one is buying them. Either way, it means low prices for us.) Today's television deal comes from Sharp, and it's a big-un: the LC-70UE30U, a 70-inch, 4K smart TV. Buydig's eBay outlet has a new model on sale for $1599.99, a solid $200 off of the price for most remaining new stock.

The LC-70UE30U includes Android TV running on a quad-core processor of unknown origin (though I'm betting it's one of Qualcomm's inexpensive SoC systems).

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[Deal Alert] 2015 Sony 55 Inch KDL-55W800C 120Hz 1080p TV With Android TV On Clearance For $699

We've been posting a lot of great deals on Sony's 2015 4K TVs the last few weeks. The only problem with those panels is that, even on sale, they start at $900. That's a healthy wad of cash to burn on a new TV, even if it is a great one.

Fortunately, Sony doesn't just make 4K TVs, they still produce some 1080p models and they are quite a bit more affordable, especially the outgoing 2015 models. The 55 Inch KDL-55W800C is on sale right now for $699 on eBay, which is a hundred bucks less than its current listed price (Amazon also has it on sale for $25 more and Best Buy for just $15 more)...

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Android N Feature Spotlight: Android TV Supports Multiple Recorded Sessions For DVR-Like Functionality

Android 6.0 already includes support for pausing and time-shifting on TV devices, but Android N adds a more robust method of creating multiple recordings in supported apps. These can be scheduled in advance or triggered as you're watching. There aren't any apps yet to test this, but it sounds very much like DVR functionality.

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Google Reportedly Working With Vizio To Add Native Casting To TVs

Google had a hit on its hands from the moment it released the original $35 Chromecast a few years ago, but not everyone who has a TV knows about all the cool things a Chromecast can do or that they can get one so cheaply. Apparently, Google wants to make it easier for people to start casting by simply building cast support into TVs, starting with Vizio.

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Play Movies & TV v3.11 Tells Us How Bundles Will Work With The Family Library [APK Teardown]

The Play Books update from a couple of days ago turned up the first sign of life for the Family Library we've seen since mid-November. At the time, I made a quick prediction that matching strings would pop up fairly soon in Google's other content apps, and Play Movies & TV is the first to follow through. But this wasn't just a mirror image of the same strings, there's actually a bit of new information regarding movies sold as a bundle and seasons of television shows.

In case anybody is curious, this update doesn't have anything in the way of notable new features.

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[Update: More Balls] After T-Mobile, Sprint Also Takes Exception To Verizon's Balls In A New TV Ad

Considering its reliance on many, many balls, Verizon's latest network comparison ad is fairly innocuous. It uses statistics from a Root Metrics study to boast about Verizon's wireless coverage and performance in relation to its competitors AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile. The ad is obviously intended to make Verizon look good, and the combination of a condescending voice-over and an elaborate visualization are particularly disparaging to the cheaper, smaller networks.

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Showtime Anytime Gets Android TV Support

You would think that a streaming video app for a TV channel would support Google's TV platform, but before today you'd be mistaken in the case of Showtime Anytime. There is finally a version of the app with Android TV support.

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Sky Go Android App Gets A New Homepage, Tablet Interface, And Other Visual Enhancements In Version 5.0

Sky Go is the way Sky provides subscribers with the ability to take their favorite channels, shows, and movies with them when they stand up from in front of the TV. The latest update to hit the mobile app gives the experience a visual refresher.

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