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Google Assistant adds 6 new smart home entertainment device types, adds TV-related commands


ScreenHits TV wants be your one-stop video streaming subscription hub

The streaming service landscape is quickly becoming convoluted with every TV network, production company, and entrepreneur launching their own exclusive platforms. That's where ScreenHits TV wants to come in. The company will soon launch a service in the US and the UK that lets you aggregate Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime, HBO Go, BBC iPlayer, and more into one single interface and subscription.

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Hulu introduces new television interface, coming soon to Android TV

Hulu's TV applications feature massive title cards that take up the entire screen, which makes browsing for content incredibly tedious. It seems the company has finally realized this, as it has started to roll out a new interface on Roku and tvOS devices, and soon Android TV.

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YouTube TV will get 14 new ViacomCBS channels, including Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, and MTV

According to a press release issued earlier today, ViacomCBS will be bringing more of its channel lineup to Google's YouTube TV, with fourteen new channels coming. The new multi-year distribution agreement includes BET, Comedy Central, and Nickelodeon.

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Watch live TV on all of your devices with YouTube TV, Sling TV, and more

Let's face it: The coronavirus quarantine would be that much more unbearable without smartphones, Wi-Fi, and streaming services to keep us entertained. If you've only been binging movies and Tiger King on Netflix, though, you're completely missing out on another source of content. Here's how you can access live TV on your existing family of devices, including Android phones, Chromecast, Fire TV, Roku, Apple TV, and more.

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You can save up to $500 on Sony's premium 4K TVs right now

4K TVs have almost completed their takeover to become the de facto standard resolution being sold, and you don't have to pay a king's ransom for them anymore. If you want to a more high-end experience though, right now is the time to bite — many's of Sony's premium 4K sets are on sale right now for up to $500 off.

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Google Assistant adds native support for TVs, set-top boxes, and media remotes

Google Assistant already supports more than 60 device types, from smart lights and thermostats to more eccentric ones like dehydrators, pergolas, or fireplaces. Now it's officially adding three new ones: TVs, media remotes, and set-top boxes.

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Samsung Smart View app for controlling older TVs is shutting down October 5

TVs used to be devices you could use for many years without any regression in functionality, but that changed with the advent of smart TVs. As with phones and computers, the 'smart' functionality in most modern TVs has a shelf life, and now Samsung is cutting support for a key feature on some of its older models.

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Which streaming services are the best value right now?

You've probably (hopefully!) been spending a lot of time at home lately, and that likely means watching a lot of TV. If you're trying to get the most bang for your entertainment buck, you've got a lot of options starting at the low, low price of free. These are some of the best values in video streaming available today.

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YouTube TV makes EPIX channel free for all subscribers until April 25

Many TV providers and streaming services have been offering additional free content to subscribers, mostly to help pass the time during self-isolation or mandatory lockdowns from the coronavirus outbreak. While it's not clear if this is also a response to the growing number of folks stuck at home, YouTube TV is giving all its customers free access to the EPIX channel for the next month.

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