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Austria gets access to Google Play TV shows, international support still lagging behind Play Movies

Congratulations, Austrian readers, you're the latest ones to get access to paid TV shows on Google Play. And they're sincere congratulations, too - it's still a pretty small club. Right now there are only eight countries that can stream TV via the Play Store (the others being the US, UK, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, and Japan). Compare that to over one hundred countries that have access to Google Play Movies, as listed on the Play Store's help page. Austria itself was given access to movies almost two years ago.

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Time Warner Cable TV App Updated With On-Demand Content And Mobile Streaming (But Only On Verizon)

It seems like every cable and satellite operator is in a hurry to provide a second screen app for tablets and phones. And they all seem to have something in common: either they don't offer live streaming, or they do, and the service is rather arbitrarily restricted to use on a home Internet connection. Time Warner Cable's TWC TV app for Android was just updated to get around this restriction... at least in some cases. Unfortunately, mobile access via the TV app is only available to Verizon Wireless customers - everyone else will just have to live with paying TWC alone.

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Verizon Releases Viewdini App For Android, Will Be Your Guide On The Magical Journey Through Internet Video

Internet video is the future. It's hard to argue that. The mobile landscape is chaotic, though, and figuring out which services have what shows or movies can be a complicated task. Viewdini, from Verizon, wants to be the digital age's TV Guide, aggregating show info, availability, reviews, and discovery into a single app. Search for the name of a show or movie and you'll get info about it, as well as where you can watch it.

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In addition to featuring info about shows, movies, and music, the app also integrates reviews. While not explicitly mentioned in the app's description, the video below clearly shows Metacritic's highly-regarded reviews being featured, as well as being "powered by", a leading TV database juggernaut.

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Google Updates The TV & Movies App For Google TV, Adds Personalized Suggestions, More Show Info

Google TV still exists. It's important to be reminded once in a while because, while Google TV promised to be our deliverer from the evil world of crappy cable box interfaces, so far the company has yet to deliver. Today's update to the TV & Movies app, though, is a step in the right direction. For starters, Google has finally done what we've all wanted since there were more than three channels: now you can see what shows are on just your favorite channels on a single screen.

Favorite Channels_Google TV

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Using Google TV to augment your existing cable/satellite service, you've always been able to add your favorite channels to a special tab.

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