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[Seems legit /s] Turing announces another phone, this time with 3 Snapdragon 830s, 4K display, 18GB of RAM, and more outrageous specs

Remember that post last week about the Turing Phone Cadenza? Well, Turing Robotic Industries is back with more craziness. The company, through another newsletter, has just announced the Turing Monolith Chaconne, a phone with specs even stranger than its name.

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[Clinically insane] Turing announces phone with dual Snapdragon 830s, triple batteries, hydrogen fuel cell, other insane specs

After many, many delays with the Turing Phone, it seems like Turing Robotic Industries (TRI) is back, but with far, far more outlandish claims. In a mailing list newsletter, CEO Steve Chao announced a new phone as part of The Outer Blueprint, a program by TRI to integrate artificial intelligence into smartphones.

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Turing Phone will supposedly finally ship on July 12th... in the form of an "evaluation" model

Turing, a company that I'm not even 100% certain really exists in any kind of larger sense, has been the subject of a number of posts on Android Police. That coverage began to crescendo last year, before sharply falling off with the announcement that the phone wouldn't meet its year-end 2015 ship date, but would be delayed until the end of Q1 2016. The end of Q1 2016 came and went. And now the end of Q2 2016 is upon us. So what happened?

Well, about a month ago, Turing again claimed the phone would ship - this time at the end of June.

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Turing Phone Drops Android For Sailfish OS, Delays Launch To April, Reneging On "No Later Than Q1 2016" Promise

It's that time again: broken promises from a hardware startup of questionable competence! The Turing phone was announced in 2015, but its launch was delayed back in December to "no later than the end of Q1" this year according to Turing CEO Steve "SYL" Chao. Turing is now, of course, reneging on that promise, stating that the phone will instead ship in April this year. It's only a month's difference, but when you go around committing to statements like that, it's probably wise to know you'll be able to make good on them.

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Reservations For The Ultra-Secure Turing Phone Are Now Open, Starting At $610 - No Billing Just Yet

If you've heard about the Turing phone, you're probably either extremely interested or extremely indifferent. (Is it possible to be indifferent to an extreme degree? Anyway.) The somewhat bombastic company has been showing off a device with a unique design and lofty claims of being "unhackable." It's more than vaporware, though - working prototypes have been shown at trade events, and now Turing is taking phone reservations via its website.

That's a very carefully chosen word, "reservations" - not pre-orders. This is because the Turing isn't actually asking for any money upfront. No, entering your contact information after selecting colors (black and purple, "Beowulf," red and blue, "Pharoh," or white and red, "Cardinal") and storage capacity (16GB for $610, 64GB for $740, or 128GB for $870) is more or less a statement of interest than any commitment to buy the phone on your part.

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