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Tumblr's social video watching app Cabana is now available on Android

Ever wanted to hang out with friends and watch some silly YouTube videos without actually having to hang out with friends watching silly YouTube videos? Well, you're in luck, as Yahoo-owned Tumblr has just released Cabana for Android. First launched on iOS in April, the app allows you to video call your mates and watch the same videos together at the same time.

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Facebook Messenger can insert GIFs from Google's Gboard

Inserting GIFs in Facebook Messenger has been available for over a year now, after it began as a trial in 2015. A GIF button shows up in the text entry box, next to the picture, emoji, and voice message options, and lets you search for the perfect animated reaction to send to your friends or family. But it looks like Messenger only searches one repository for GIFs, which is often (always?) Tenor.

If you want to check more sources for GIFs, you either have to download a separate app or you can use Google's keyboard Gboard. Since its release, Gboard has offered a GIF search option, but developers had to specifically enable it in their own apps.

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Tumblr's Latest Update Includes 'Sturdier, More Erect Pixels' And Much More In One Of The Best Changelogs You'll Ever See

Sure, Tumblr has seen better days. But for the Tumblr app, this could be a high watermark. I'm not sure what exactly their dev team was up to in the latest, presumably minor, update to their Android app. What I do know is that the jump from v4.7 to v4.8 brought with it the kind of changelog that should brighten your mood.

If you were worried about Android Marshmallow compatibility, don't worry; this update is already prepared for Tangerine. If you thought the underbelly had been neglected, once again your concerns have been addressed because Tumblr reports that the underbelly has been tickled.

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Tumblr Introduces New Two-Factor Authentication Option To Better Protect User Accounts

Tumblr has rolled out a new two-factor authentication option that, once enabled, decreases the likelihood of someone breaking into your Tumblr account. Rather than just a password, you will also need to type in a key generated by your Android device. We've already seen Google, Facebook, and Twitter implement this functionality, so while it's about time, it's also better late than never.


You can enable the feature through your Tumblr settings page. Once enabled, you won't be able to sign into the Android app using just your password. Instead, you will need to generate a temporary one-time key, which you can generate from the same settings page.

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[Hands-On] Blast Multiple Social Networks At Once With Everypost, Assuming It Will Let You Sign In

If you need to mass spam - I mean, notify - a bunch of people at once, Everypost might be the app you need. With Everypost, users can upload photos, videos, or text and blast it out to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, and other networks, including the anti-social Dropbox. As social networking continues to grow in importance, tools like this are real time-savers. But here's the thing, there are plenty of options out there, so is Everypost worth your time? That depends on if you can get it working.

Everypost2 Everypost3 Everypost4

For a quick introduction, view the trailer. Just ignore the fact that the overly-happy users have iPhones in their hands, as the core experience is essentially the same.

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Google Glass Getting Social Media, News, and Productivity Apps, Becoming More Useful Every Day

Ah, Google Glass. Though the venerable headset has a lot of potential, it has yet to become something people want to use all the time. If you're a social media addict, a news junkie, or a productivity pro, though, Google's heads-up computer just got a lot more compelling. Today at I/O, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, CNN, Elle, and Evernote pledged to support Glass by releasing official applications - "glassware," as Google calls them. Facebook's app is available now.

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glasstwit 148669295317085_1510892336_610x342

The social media apps do what you'd expect: post pictures and text. Facebook's app allows users to upload photos to their timelines and add descriptions with voice.

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Official Tumblr App Finally Updated With Tablet Support... Kind Of

Have you heard the news? The official Tumblr app finally supports tablets! But only sort of. Still, technically, you can install the app on your tablet. But be prepared: it only works in portrait mode. You know what that means, right? Yep - it's still going to suck on your 10" slate. Look at the bright side, though: it looks great on 7" tablets!

Screenshot_2012-12-17-19-51-58 Screenshot_2012-12-17-19-51-31

But really, there isn't much different between the phone app and the "tablet-optimized" version. Sure, there have been some slight layout tweaks; like a dedicated notification button on the bigger screen, instead of the combined panel of the phone.

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[New App] DayFrame From Developer Of HD Widgets Cloud.TV Is A Cool Voice-Enabled Slideshow Dock App

The newest app from Cloud.TV is out in preview form, and it's already looking quite promising. You might know Cloud.TV from the wildly popular HD Widgets app. This time the dev is tackling dock apps with DayFrame. We've seen various photo frame and dock apps, but the way DayFrame integrates Google voice input is something new.

1 2 3

4 5 6

The app can display photo streams from Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook, Flickr, and Twitter. You will have to add your social accounts if you want personal pics to show up, but a few popular public streams are included at startup so you can get a feel for the app.

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Tumblr For Android Updated, Brings New UI, Faster Load Times, Improved Notifications, And More

If you're into microblogging, quick posts, and tossing some images on the web double-fast, then you could use Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. If, however, you like to do all those things in once place and prefer a sort-of niche community in which to do it, then you should probably use Tumblr.

For the uninformed, Tumblr is basically a supercharged microblog that makes it really quick and easy to share content of all types, including quotes, images, links, audio, video, and simple text. Its simplistic layout makes it easy to use and share content, and its users makes it unique in the social networking world.

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