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Pixel 3 drops support for Voice Match unlocking

For a while now, you've been able to set up what Google calls Voice Match with the Google Assistant. It recognizes your voice and gives you personalized results, both on smart speakers and smartphones. It would also let you unlock phones to perform actions like making phone calls and sending text messages just by saying "okay, Google" — but that feature isn't available on the Pixel 3.

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Google's 'Trusted Voice' feature keeps turning off for some users

The OK Google command is great, but I think we'd all agree that it can be a little... temperamental at times. Our Glorious Leader Artem recently took to Google+ to air his grievances about Trusted Voice, the feature that recognizes your voice and unlocks your phone accordingly.

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Functional 'Trusted Voice' Smart Lock Option Rolling Out To Some Users


[APK Download + Teardown] Google App v4.4 Finally Adds Nicknames For Everyone (Maybe), Also Shows Progress On Trusted Voice And A New 'Seamless Hotword' Experiment

A fresh update to the Google App, formerly Google Search, just started rolling out. Don't get too excited yet, it looks like the only user-facing change today is that Nicknames has finally gone into wide release for the users that didn't already have it. The good news is that a quick teardown shows that Trusted Voice might be launching soon, possibly even with this version. There's also a new experiment in the works called Seamless Hotword.

What's New

2015-04-07 21.57.592015-04-07 21.58.05

If you were one of the many users that didn't already have a Nicknames in the Accounts & Privacy settings screen, this update probably enabled it.

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Google Play Services 7.0 Is Rolling Out With Partial Support For Trusted Voice [APK Download]

Google just announced all of the great new APIs developers would be able to play with from the Google Play services, and now we've got some apks to check out. As usual, there aren't a lot of user-facing features in the GMS package, so don't expect to see any huge changes immediately after installation. However, there are at least a couple of interesting bits and pieces that stand out in a side-by-side comparison.

What's New

The only immediately obvious difference (that actually does something) is a relocation of the security code generator. This is a simple little tool Google occasionally uses for creating verification codes for emergency authorizations.

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