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[We did it!] Trusted Places has returned to Smart Lock

We reported yesterday that trusted places — Android's method for keeping your device unlocked when it's in certain locations such as your home — was no longer an option in Smart Lock settings. But surprise: it's back! Is this our doing? Well, no, probably not.

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[Update: It's back!] Trusted Places seems to have been removed as a Smart Lock option

Smart Lock, a feature that lets Android users specify conditions under which their devices will unlock without requiring the usual fingerprint, PIN, or pattern authentication, now has one less use case. Trusted Places could previously set a phone or tablet to remain unlocked when it was in a (well) trusted place, like at home, but that option seems to have disappeared.

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Google says inconsistent Trusted Places behavior is fixed in Play Services v11

Smart lock can be a life saver if you're unlocking your phone constantly, and Trusted Places is one of the most frequently used options. With Trusted Places, you can set locations where your phone will skip the secure lock method, but it hasn't been working so well as of late. Google says that's fixed in the latest version of Play Services, though.

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Google is looking into longstanding issues with Smart Lock's Trusted Places feature

This particular issue seems to have been plaguing users for quite a while now. Trusted Places, a method of unlocking your Android device more easily in certain locations, has been either working intermittently, inaccurately, or not at all for some folks. As of yesterday it looks like Google is reaching out to affected users for bug reports. Hopefully those with the issue can see it fixed soon.

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[APK Teardown] Google Play Services v7.8 Makes Significant Progress On New Location Sharing Feature, Improves Smart Lock Features, And More

The long-awaited Nearby is on the horizon, and it will be launching with Play Services 7.8. The APK is in the midst of its rollout right now. It contains a few elements of Nearby, and surely plenty of bug fixes and tweaks, but there are also plenty of interesting pieces hidden inside, as well. After a quick long examination, we've got the interesting bits and pieces ready for viewing, along with some theories about what it all means. It's time for a teardown!


Disclaimer: Teardowns are necessarily speculative and usually based on incomplete evidence. It's possible that the guesses made here are totally and completely wrong.
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Google Play Services 7.3 Adds A New UI For Trusted Places And Finally Makes The Persistent Android Wear Notification Dismissible [APK Download]

Google Play services made a rather lofty jump from 7.0 to 7.3 a few days ago. While there don't appear to be any big API changes for developers, a couple of pretty obnoxious issues were cleared up for regular users. It looks like the Home address in Trusted Places is not only working again, but there may be an improved UI that makes it even easier to set up safe zones (if you didn't already have it). Android Wear owners will also be pleased to say goodbye to the persistent notification.

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