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President Trump says ZTE must change management and pay $1.3 billion for sanctions to be dropped

The ZTE saga just keeps going... and going... and going. After the United States Department of Commerce banned ZTE from importing US-made components, due to the company violating an agreement it made in 2017, ZTE shut down most operations while it fought to lift the ban. Earlier this month, President Trump announced he wanted to help ZTE, as part of negotiating a trade deal with China.

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White House suggests $1.3 billion fine and management shakeup to lift restrictions on ZTE

Chinese smartphone maker ZTE is currently in a holding pattern after Commerce Department action last month blocked it from accessing US technology for seven years. President Trump has expressed his intention to lift that restriction, but it's unclear when or how that will happen. At a White House event with reporters, Trump has floated a hefty fine and management changes to restore ZTE's business.

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House committee doubles down on ZTE sanctions despite Trump support

ZTE was recently banned from acquiring components from US-based companies for seven years after the telecommunications firm violated the terms of a sanctions case. In a surprise move, President Trump announced his support for ZTE last week, tweeting that the sanctions resulted in "(t)oo many jobs in China lost." Despite this, a House committee has voted unanimously to reinforce those sanctions.

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President Trump working with China to reverse ZTE trade ban

ZTE was accused of dodging United States sanctions on Iran in 2016, by selling technology from the U.S. to Iran through multiple shell companies. The U.S. Department of Commerce threatened to cut off ZTE from all its supply chain partners in the United States, which ZTE avoided by paying nearly a billion dollars in fines.

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President Trump looking to impose tariffs on Chinese imports, including tech products

President Trump has been discussing trade tariffs frequently over the past few weeks, and passing tariffs on steel and aluminum last week. According to Reuters, he is now looking into imposing tariffs on up to $60 billion of Chinese imports, specifically targeting consumer electronics, telecoms, and IT equipment.

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President Trump signs executive order blocking Broadcom's acquisition of Qualcomm

Broadcom attempted to purchase Qualcomm back in November, in what would be the single largest takeover of a chipmaker ever. The initial offer was declined by Qualcomm's board of directors, as was every subsequent counter offer. In response, Broadcom attempted to replace some of Qualcomm's board, allowing the purchase to be finalized. After months of turmoil, the White House has officially blocked the acquisition with a new executive order.

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Donald Draws: Executive Doodle is exactly what you think it is

Donald Draws is one of the many meme Twitter accounts devoted to our newly-elected dear leader, President Donald J. Trump - and there is little denying that his executive order photo op has been one of the most meme-able moments of the presidency thus far. Now, Donald Draws: Executive Doodle, lets you bake your own versions of this iconic clip.

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