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President Trump bans US transactions with TikTok and WeChat starting September 20

The past few months have seen a global crackdown on applications owned by companies based in China, almost entirely due to political backlash at the country, rather than concerns over data privacy. India has now banned over a hundred China-made applications, most notably including TikTok, and now the United States is following suit.

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The phones and power packs you buy from China are getting more expensive in 2020

Let's face it. All the phones, accessories, and other gadgets you see on this site come from one place: China. Actually, considering more than half a trillion dollars in goods came to the United States from there last year, you can count a helluva lot more stuff in that pile. Knowing how trade relations are between these two countries right now, we might be relieved about electronics tariffs that were supposed to come into effect this Sunday being delayed until mid-December. But there's been another autumn deadline we've been hurdling towards that might just make that Chinese import you're planning to take in be it a case, a battery pack, or a burner phone — more expensive starting next year.

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Trump administration reportedly considering ban on end-to-end encryption

Encryption in everyday devices should be an industry-wide standard, but many world governments are still fiercely opposed to the idea. End-to-end encryption makes it possible to send messages that can only be read by the recipient, meaning both hackers and law enforcement are out of luck. According to a new report, senior U.S. officials are debating a possible encryption ban.

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President Trump says US companies can trade with Huawei

The ongoing Huawei drama has been fascinating to watch, as one of the world's largest technology companies is slowly eaten away by trade bans. Huawei lost the ability to use Google services on its Android phones, had its revenue forecasts slashed, and started working on an alternative to Android. Today might be the beginning of the end of Huawei's troubles, as President Trump announced today that "U.S. companies can sell their equipment to Huawei."

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Donald Trump wants 6G in America, presumably because it's one more than 5G

Look, we don't get political on AP too often, but when the sitting President of the United States tweets about not only 5G, but 6G - it's pretty hard not to talk about it. Donald Trump tweeted this morning that he wants America to lead in 5G and 6G technology, which is all very funny, because it is very obvious the President doesn't know almost anything about either. (This largely being because by the time 6G is even in its infancy, we will probably be nearly a decade removed from a hypothetical second Trump term).

It's unclear what prompted the President - who is a very busy man - to tweet about The 5G and 6G, which are, in the President's words, part of "the very exciting world of technology."

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President Trump expected to sign executive order banning Chinese network equipment

Huawei has been in hot water lately — governments around the world are banning its network equipment, it allegedly tried to steal technology for 'diamond glass' screens, and its CFO has been charged with wire fraud and conspiracy. A report from Politico claims that the White House is preparing to sign an executive order that would ban U.S. carriers from using Chinese telecom equipment, including products from Huawei.

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President Trump says ZTE must change management and pay $1.3 billion for sanctions to be dropped

The ZTE saga just keeps going... and going... and going. After the United States Department of Commerce banned ZTE from importing US-made components, due to the company violating an agreement it made in 2017, ZTE shut down most operations while it fought to lift the ban. Earlier this month, President Trump announced he wanted to help ZTE, as part of negotiating a trade deal with China.

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White House suggests $1.3 billion fine and management shakeup to lift restrictions on ZTE

Chinese smartphone maker ZTE is currently in a holding pattern after Commerce Department action last month blocked it from accessing US technology for seven years. President Trump has expressed his intention to lift that restriction, but it's unclear when or how that will happen. At a White House event with reporters, Trump has floated a hefty fine and management changes to restore ZTE's business.

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House committee doubles down on ZTE sanctions despite Trump support

ZTE was recently banned from acquiring components from US-based companies for seven years after the telecommunications firm violated the terms of a sanctions case. In a surprise move, President Trump announced his support for ZTE last week, tweeting that the sanctions resulted in "(t)oo many jobs in China lost." Despite this, a House committee has voted unanimously to reinforce those sanctions.

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President Trump working with China to reverse ZTE trade ban

ZTE was accused of dodging United States sanctions on Iran in 2016, by selling technology from the U.S. to Iran through multiple shell companies. The U.S. Department of Commerce threatened to cut off ZTE from all its supply chain partners in the United States, which ZTE avoided by paying nearly a billion dollars in fines.

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