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MotoGP20 and Monster Jam Steel Titans get ready to race their way onto Stadia

Slowly but surely, Google is filling in the content gaps in its Stadia game-streaming platform. Last year's release of GRID was a nice addition for fans of racing games, and now Stadia will soon have a few more racing titles: MotoGP20 and Monster Jam Steel Titans.

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iOS Favorite RGB Express Is Out On The Play Store, Mixing Snake With Package Delivery

Imagine if someone remade the Snake game that you remember from your bomb-proof black and white Nokia phone into a puzzle title. It would look something like RGB Express, a low-key game about getting the right package to the right place. Draw out the path of your little truck, make sure it picks up at least one package and drops it off, and don't cross the trail it makes as it goes by. This is much harder than it sounds, at least in the later levels.

RGB Express has been a minor hit on the iPhone and iPad, perhaps due to its simple premise with near-infinite permutations.

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