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Fornicating Fruit Fibs: "F*#% Apple" message in Whatsapp is a hoax

You've probably heard the advice to not believe everything you read on the Internet. That wisdom applies to many things, but the most recent example is a silly news story circulating about code supposedly discovered in Whatsapp for Android. According to a post on Reddit, the text "FUCK APPLE" is used heavily throughout the compiled code of Whatsapp. Given the comical and slightly scandalous nature of the story, it spread quickly and few people bothered to question its validity. However, it's totally fake.

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T-Mobile Goes After Verizon With A Drinking Game And Ball Ad Spoof

No one would mistakenly believe that T-Mobile wants the competition to succeed, but it does tend to take things to the next level. The carrier has been very vocal about its dislike of the other guys, and today brings two more proofs of that.

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Noodlecake Trolls Game Pirates By Uploading An Impossible Version Of Shooting Stars To Popular Torrent Sites

Hey, game pirates: screw you. Seriously, you're part of the reason it's so hard to find a decent game that isn't packed with $100 in-app purchases. Of course, good old-fashioned greed on the part of game developers is a big part of that, but a demonstrable loss of revenue from relatively easy piracy (a problem on other platforms like Windows) is giving developers little incentive to release conventional premium games for a simple price. Prolific publisher Noodlecake recently looked at statistics for the excellent Wayward Souls action-RPG and found that only 11% of Android users (and possibly fewer) had actually paid for the app - the rest had pirated it from various Internet repositories.

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Motorola Confirms The New Moto X Won't Be Available On Sprint

The updated Moto X just went on sale earlier this week with delivery dates toward the end of the month. So far only the GSM devices for AT&T and T-Mobile have popped up, but Verizon has confirmed it too will have the phone soon. If you have been waiting on the seemingly inevitable Sprint announcement, you are about to get some bad news—Sprint won't carry the 2014 Moto X. Ouch.

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Stupid Patent Troll Trolling A Bunch Of App Developers Because It Thinks It Owns The Idea Of Using Phones As Location Beacons

Remote Locator Systems, LLC, a generic company incorporated in East Texas, filed a lawsuit against seven defendants recently for allegedly violating one of its patents. That patent can be found here. They've also filed against Google, Apple, T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T.

The gist is this - some company in the late 90's thought up the idea of equipping an entire hospital with IR receivers and then putting IR blasters on every employee and important piece of equipment. The blasters would send out a unique identifier to the receivers, and the receivers would correspond with locations in the building, and a computer would then record the location of that person or piece of equipment in a database.

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Oracle Wants Some Karma Back, Sues Patent Troll Lodsys, Wants All Its Patents Invalidated

What an interesting turn of events - Oracle just sued a notorious patent troll Lodsys, seeking invalidation of four of Lodsys' patents. In fact, these are all the patents Lodsys owns - if Oracle wins, Lodsys will have nothing to threaten innocent developers with.

If you haven't been following the Lodsys drama for the past year+, let me step back for a brief history lesson. Lodsys LLC, a Texas patent troll shell corporation, has been harassing various developers since early 2011, including many with Android apps in the Play Store. The patents Lodsys used to threaten Android developers, large and small, are 7,222,078, to which everyone refers to as simply "078" and 7,620,565 ("565").

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