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Etermax, the creator of the popular 'Trivia Crack' series has released two new titles, 'Orbital 1' and 'Voxtale'

Any fan of the popular Trivia Crack series should be familiar with its developer Etermax. Well, it would appear that they have recently released two new free-to-play games on the Play Store, and they don't look half bad.

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[Hands-on] Trivia Crack Heroes, the easiest quiz game that you will never win

Trivia Crack Heroes is the latest Trivia Crack game from Etermax. It's a strange mix of simplistic MOBA gameplay and trivia questions. You will be collecting heroes via a loot crate system in order to battle them against live opponents. While the premise may sound appealing, the execution has left me feeling utterly unimpressed, thanks to the clear pay-to-win design.

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[Deal Alert] Trivia Crack Is Down To $0.10 In Several Countries Around The World

Trivia games are a dime a dozen on Android, but good and popular trivia games that you can play against lots of friends and multiple opponents are a lot harder to find. Trivia Crack has amassed over 100M downloads on Android for its free version and more than 100,000 for its ad-free version, so you're bound to find a lot of users to battle against.

The game revolves around 6 categories, with hundreds of thousands of questions, and you can either challenge an opponent or play for the crown, all with the option to chat with them while the game is going. It looks fun.

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