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Trivia Crack 2 hands on: More of the same in a prettier package

Etermax will release the sequel to its hit quiz game Trivia Crack on October 25th, but before it officially launches, I've decided to go hands-on with the title so that our readers will know what to expect from the upcoming release. Etermax has made it clear that Trivia Crack 2 has been redesigned to offer more enjoyable elements and an enhanced competitive flavor over its predecessor, but what does that really mean? To find out, click the read more button below.

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Trivia Crack 2 is available for pre-registration on the Play Store

Etermax is a developer that's probably best known for its Trivia Crack range of games, but it also has had a lot of success with its official Pictionary-branded digital board game, not to mention a few other popular puzzles, such as Aworded Crack. This is a studio that obviously knows its way around developing free-to-play puzzlers, and as of September 12th, you can pre-register for its next release, Trivia Crack 2, on the Google Play Store.

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