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YouTube's new Explore tab, in testing for the last two years, starts rolling out today

The YouTube app for Android and iOS is getting a small tweak over the next few days. The Trending tab in the app's bottom navigation panel, which showed currently popular (i.e., trending) videos, is changing to show more varied and different types of content, under the new name: Explore.

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YouTube's experimental Explore tab begins testing on Android (Update: Still testing, new look)

Back in July, YouTube began testing a new Explore tab on the home page of its iOS app. Not many people saw it — only about one percent of users on that platform. Apparently feedback has been positive, though, because YouTube has announced that the test is now expanding to more platforms, including Android.

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Facebook is removing the trending news feature next week

Facebook introduced a feature called Trending in 2014, and you can probably guess what it did even if you never touch Facebook. Yes, it shows trending news stories. Facebook is done with Trending, though. The company says it's killing that feature next week in order to focus on other news features.

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Play Store has a new Trending section for entertainment, and it's fantastic

It feels like Google changes the Play Store UI every few weeks. A larger button here, adjusting the font size there, and so on. But the new 'Trending' section on the Play Store is absolutely new, and is both incredibly useful and well-designed. The new addition can be found in the entertainment section, just below the new movie releases.

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Google app v6.1 Beta allows users to disable local trending searches, includes first tangible elements of Google Assistant, and more [APK Teardown + Download]

A fresh beta update just started rolling out for the Google app, popping the version number up to 6.1. There aren't many immediately obvious changes with this release, but it does contain a switch that will allow users to turn off trending searches in their area. But if you're looking for some potentially exciting new things, a teardown reveals the first physical pieces of the recently announced Google Assistant. There are also a couple bits related to deep search for apps and background retry for failed searches.

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YouTube Finally Makes The Trending Video Tab Official


Get Notified Each Time We Post An APK With This Handy IFTTT Recipe

An IFTTT user has helpfully posted a recipe that takes advantage of the push notifications in the new IFTTT Android app. This particular concoction will ping you each time we post an APK file for download, which we do pretty often. The recipe is currently trending at #4 on IFTTT, about which we are extremely pleased.

2014-04-28 00_38_53-Recipes - IFTTT

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