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Outlook for Android finally gets external app and service integration

Outlook's so-called "add-ins" were first introduced to the app this February, but the feature was exclusive to iOS. At least, it was, until Microsoft's blog post today. To put it simply, it allows you to use features from apps like Trello, Evernote, or services like GIPHY from directly inside the app. It's sort of like Android's intents system, allowing you to quickly pass data between services, but built into Outlook.

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Team and project management app Trello now works offline in the latest v4 update

Project management is a difficult thing, as is coordinating teams (our fearless leaders keep us in line here at AP). Trello is, by no means, a new name in this space. We have covered the app from time to time, especially when it gets notable new features. Well, here's a pretty important one: Trello now works offline.

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Inbox gains Trello, GitHub, and Google Alerts support

Inbox might be one of Google's most controversial products - some love the time-saving features and some hate them (such as our Glorious Leader, Artem). That's not going to stop the Inbox team from adding more productivity innovations though; new to Inbox this time is Trello, GitHub, and Google Alerts integration.

With Trello and GitHub integrations, it's pretty clear Google is angling at professionals like developers and designers with these additions. Both of them work like the other integrations, grouping and categorizing emails from the services into an easy to read list, which should reduce clutter in the inbox and improve readability.

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Trello Team Manager Gets Easy Local Sharing Via Nearby API In The Latest Update

Trello is a service that allows teams of people to delineate tasks and assignments. I've used it for various projects, and it's surprisingly effective once you get used to its somewhat unconventional drag-and-drop card/stack system. The design is most effective for large teams that don't often get everyone in the same place. But what about the times when you do happen to be close to your teammates? Enter Google's fancy audio/Bluetooth/Wi-Fi connection API, Nearby, which was integrated into Google Play Services last month.

Now if you want to add another Trello user to a board and said user happens to be near you (and also using an Android phone or tablet), you can do so with the Nearby feature.

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Trello 3.1 Adds Support For Unlimited Labels, Complete With Five New Color Options

Trello is a virtual whiteboard of sorts that you can use to organize projects of all shapes and sizes. The latest version of its Android app contains a couple label-related enhancements to help out with that. For starters, you can now create an unlimited number of them.


While you're at it, you can assign each label a different color, including four new ones. Make that five, if you count the addition of a new color-less one.

Labels are what it's all about with this update, so if you want to take in those features a second time, here's the full changelog. Just know that the end may cause involuntary groaning.

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Trello For Android Takes 'First Foray Into Material Design' With New Update

Trello for Android, a popular task management app that describes itself as "a whiteboard with super powers," got a big update today, introducing the app's "first foray into material design." The update comes with revamped layouts, new navigation paradigms, and tons of aesthetic improvements.

In a post to the Trello blog, Dan Lew explains that the revamp was "a ton of work," noting that not a single corner of the interface went unnoticed - the entire interface was given close inspection with Google's new design philosophies in mind, but Lew stresses that the core experience remains the same.


Those not running Android Lollipop needn't worry - the app is compatible with 4.0.3 and above, with most of the app's material-inspired goodness available to anyone running the app (some things, as Lew rightfully notes, simply aren't possible on older platforms yet).

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[New App] Trello Organizes Your Projects And Makes Collaboration A Snap

Trello is not just a to-do manager. With this app, you can organize any project into cards, which can be used as a private tracker of your progress, or shared with friends and colleagues that you're working with. To top it off, it all comes in an attractive package with cloud syncing.

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Everything in Trello is grouped into boards, which should be treated as separate projects. The cards are individual aspects of each project board. You might want to add cards with photos, notes on who is working on various items, or checklists of individual to-dos. You can imagine Trello as a sort of virtual whiteboard for keeping track of your ideas.

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