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Transport for London has finally released an official Oyster Card app

London has a pretty advanced transport system by most metrics, and payments are pretty easy these days, either with a special pay-as-you-go pass called an Oyster Card or with almost any contactless bank card. Most Londoners (like myself) have long been clamoring for a better way to manage our Oysters, as you currently have to queue for a machine or go to the website if you want to check your balance or make a top-up. Thankfully, Transport for London (TfL) has joined forces with a developer called Cubic to finally bring us an official Oyster Card app for Android.

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Mobile Passport now works at LAX, adds Fastport Passport renewal service

It's easy enough to use your phone as a boarding pass, but did you know it can also double as your passport? Well, with Mobile Passport it can. And, it has just been updated on the Google Play Store to work in one more major US airport. Now users flying through LAX can also make use of the convenience.

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You can now save custom locations in Uber (besides work and home) with Saved Places

Today Uber announced their new Saved Places feature. The name is descriptive, as it gives you the ability to store selected locations inside the app, for quick selection before travel. Now you don't need to remember or search for addresses to frequently visited places via the service. Humorously enough, Saved Places even supports Emojis in names. I expect a coming flood of people labeling work as 💩.

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AT&T announces $10/day 'International Day Pass', replaces the usual roaming charges

Carriers in the United States are widely known to rip off customers wherever possible, and roaming is perhaps the best example. To help alleviate some of the confusion that customers experience with international roaming, AT&T has announced the 'International Day Pass,' a $10/day fee that allows you to use your domestic plan abroad.

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Project Fi vending machine at San José International Airport offers free travel goodies to subscribers

There's a new vending machine in the San José International Airport, which is not usually something we would have any reason to care about. However, this is a Google Project Fi vending machine, and it gives away free stuff. Not to everyone, though. It's only for Project Fi subscribers.

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U.S. Mobile Passport updated to v2.0, brings support for cruise ships

It's a big travel time in many parts of the world, especially in the United States. If you're an international traveler, I hear that the lines to enter through U.S. customs can be pretty ridiculous. We have talked about the Mobile Passport app before here on Android Police, since it's awesome for those who have a U.S. passport or Canadian B1/B2 visas. This update brings with it cruise ship support, allowing travelers to enter the country via sea.

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Google Trips travel itinerary app goes live after extensive private beta [APK Download]

Users pay Google not in dollars, but in data. In exchange for handing over all of our private information, we get cool stuff like Google Trips. This travel app culls your Gmail account for hotel reservations, flight bookings, travel times, addresses, and other information you could possibly need for your next trip.

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Report: Alphabet subsidiary Sidewalk wants to drag US public transit and traffic management into the 21st century

American cities do a lot of things well, but public transit isn't one of them. Get outside the major metropolitan areas on the East Coast, and you're pretty much hosed without a car - try to treat cities in the Midwest or Texas or California like New York, and you'll soon walk right through your shoes. Even if you do have your own vehicle, parking and traffic can become your personal nightmare. According to a new report in the Guardian, one of the many subsidiaries inside Google's new Alphabet parent company is working on fixing that.

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TraffickCam app fights human trafficking with crowdsourced photos of hotel rooms

Each year in the US, it's estimated that somewhere between ten and twenty thousand people are victims of human trafficking, mostly for some form of prostitution or abusive labor. A disproportionate amount of these victims are women, children, and immigrants. Law enforcement agencies and non-profit groups all over the country attempt to stop the trade of human lives, but the clandestine nature of the operators and the cooperation of apparently legitimate businesses makes actual tracking and prosecution difficult, and only a tiny fraction of the estimated victims are freed.

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Google Maps in Japan will get translated business type descriptions in the maps view soon

Google Maps is my go-to tool for finding local businesses, but it isn't always the most transparent way to see them at a glance. For example, I'll search for a café in a major retail hub, but half the results will be from the Starbucks inside Target or the little deli inside a grocery store - not exactly what I'm looking for in a quiet meal. Things might soon get a little easier on that account: the Google Asia Pacific blog says that upcoming versions of Google Maps will list business types right in the map view... but only in Japan for now.

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