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Google Drive will finally start taking out the trash in October

Contrary to popular belief (or at least the beliefs of AP staff), Google doesn't actually automatically empty its Drive trash items. Soon, it will; Google has just announced that Drive will delete all trash items after 30 days, starting in mid-October.

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Google Contacts site picks up Trash feature in case you accidentally delete a contact

The Google Contacts site is picking up a new feature: Trash. No, we're not saying Google Contacts is garbage, we mean Trash as in a trashcan, like a place deleted stuff goes to before it's actually thrown away. Google Contacts's new Trash feature will store ostensibly deleted contacts for 30 days before it truly gets rid of them, giving you a grace period to recover them should it happen accidentally. However, the feature is web-only for now.

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The latest versions of Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides allow you to restore deleted files


[Update: APK Download] Google Drive Gets Better Contextual Menus, Access To Trash, And Avatars For Shared Files

Things are shaking a bit in the Google Drive app on Android. Last week, the app got an update to let you control notifications for shared files and now it's ready to add a couple of other new features.

In the next release, the information icon that shows up next to files and folders will be replaced by a much clearer contextual button. The menu that got triggered used to fill out the entire screen, but now it'll be a simple pop-up on the bottom of the screen with a list of actions you can take.

You'll also finally have access to your Trash with all of the files that you had previously deleted.

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