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Android's Enterprise program to switch out security update requirements for mandatory transparency

For two years, Google has been trying to make it easy for businesses to run and deploy reliable Android devices through its Android Enterprise Recommended (AER) program. It's essentially a collection of certified hardware with certain minimum guarantees: They must be eligible for zero-touch enrollment, carrier-unlocked, and should receive security updates no later than 90 days of release for a minimum of three years. As XDA Developers reports, the latter requirement might soon be significantly relaxed in favor of more nebulous transparency requirements.

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YouTube makes it easier to find videos on current events, educates viewers with info cards on controversial topics

YouTube is constantly experimenting with ways to demonetize creators present news in a more organized and informative fashion. Last year, it started showing a 'Breaking News' section on the home page during important events. Now the company is expanding on that feature, with changes to search and video playback to improve transparency and accessibility.

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YouTube is rolling out funding notices for more transparency in news reporting

With a platform as huge and open as YouTube, it's difficult to ensure that information distributed on it is honest and transparent. This issue has never been more apparent than it is now, with the spread of fake news and the labeling of real news as fake making it damn near impossible for viewers to know which sources they can trust.

Google, like many other large tech organizations, should do all it can to maintain transparency in news reporting and that's apparently a big goal for the company in 2018. This latest addition to YouTube videos is a good start. From now on, notices will be displayed below news videos if the publisher is in any way government-funded.

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Transparency app from Amazon shows the origin and ingredients of consumer goods

As the WalMart of the Internet age, Amazon has its fair share of detractors, and for some of the same reasons. With tens of thousands of vendors using Amazon as a storefront, to say nothing of millions of products the company sells directly, sometimes its wares can be a bit on the obscure side. A new system from the retailer is trying to offer a bit of transparency, showing consumers where the products they've ordered were made and packaged. The app is appropriately titled Transparency.

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The Dash By Bragi Review: The Ohs, Awes, And Woes Of True Wireless Earbuds

I have always wanted true wireless earbuds. Over the past years, I have gone from using Bluetooth earphones connected to a central unit (Sony MW600, Jabra BT3030) to the smaller and less intrusive earbuds (Jaybird BlueBuds X, Plantronics BackBeat GO2, and BackBeat Fit), but there was still a wire somewhere in the design connecting the left and right earbuds together and I wanted it gone. I wasn't alone in that sentiment.

It's this desire that Bragi banked on when it launched its Kickstarter campaign about two years ago, in February 2014. The Dash was promised to be a true wireless set of earbuds that had everything I wanted and more — built-in storage for local music playback, waterproofing for use in pools, and activity tracking and heart rate monitoring.

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Android "L" Spotlight: Colored And Transparent Status Bars Give Apps Even More Control Over Design

Back in KitKat, we were introduced to translucent system bars, which gave app developers the ability to make the navigation and status bars semi-transparent. Reclaiming as much of the screen as possible became an obsession for many fans as they demanded their favorite apps go "full bleed." With Android L, Google is treating us to even more flexibility by allowing developers to set their own color for the status bar, or even turning it completely transparent.


Fundamentally, the translucent status bar was nothing more than a very low opacity static gradient from black to fully transparent. This was added to protect the visibility of KitKat's all-white notification icons.

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Reddit Sync Beta Updated To v8.0.54 With Transparent Navigation And Status Bars On KitKat

Are you in the Reddit Sync beta program? Well, now you might have a reason to join. The dev has just pushed version 8.0.54 with support for transparent system bars on Android 4.4.

2014-02-03 07.53.32 2014-02-03 08.28.39 2014-02-03 08.29.07

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Yet Another Android 4.2 Bug: Weird In-App Transparency Glitch On Secondary User Accounts

Earlier today, we noticed a bug report for a very strange issue with multiple user accounts on the Nexus 7. Apparently, certain applications are displaying the underlying screen - be it the wallpaper, app tray, or the Play Store (depending on where the app was launched from) - through the foreground app. But here's the kicker: it's only happening on secondary accounts. Yeah, it's confusing and strange.

There's also a Reddit thread that confirms this is happening, and it seems to only be affecting apps that call on some sort of transparency. To make sure it's not just a N7 bug, though, I grabbed the N10 to see if it suffers the same issue.

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