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Microsoft Translator gets AI-powered offline language packs

Microsoft announced today that its Translator app now supports offline, artificial intelligence-powered translation in a handful of languages with what the company says is "the world's first Deep Neural Network-powered offline translation engine." The AI packs are considerably smaller than traditional language packs, and they should provide higher quality translations, too.

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Microsoft Translator adds alternative single-word translations and a key phrasebook for fifty languages

Right on cue for those in Rio for the Olympics, Microsoft has released an update for its translator app, a few months after the previous update got ever closer to Google Translate. The new version, 2.30.112, includes the ability to change the voice used for reading out translation results, alternative translations for single words, and a phrasebook feature for fifty languages.

  • New option in Settings to change the voice that reads out translation results.
  • See alternative translations of single words. Available in 100 language pairs.
  • Tap on the book icon at the bottom of the home screen to quickly access key phrases in 50+ languages.
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